The Game the NFL Wants YOU TO FORGET

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The Game the NFL Wants YOU TO FORGET 4.5

In 2001, the Browns played the Jaguars in the infamous game known as "bottlegate". After a shocking decision made by the referees, the stadium erupted and began throwing bottles at anyone and everyone on the field. This video gives the full story on what exactly took place on this fateful day.

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The refs are just lucky this happened in Cleveland. They wouldn’t have gotten out of Philly alive.

Author — Matt King


Every official involved in this game should have been fired immediately after the game.

Author — John Ledee


Fans: Throw beer bottles onto the field

Janitor: 🙄

Author — Veronica G


The referee cheated. I hope thats was the last game they officiated.

Author — D Change


Just imagine paying for good seats right on the field and all the bottles people threw that didn't quite have the arm to make it to the field.. 😕

Author — Nate


The game the NFL wants you to forget
*gets 9.9M views*

Author — Lets get to 1500 subs with no videos


Browns owner: No one got hurt.

Announcers: There’s a guy on the ground with his head split open.

Author — BrewersFan0715


The audience helped one dude throw a bench.

That's what I call team work.

Author — assassingamer


Announcer: "The Crowds gotta stop throwin' bottles someones head split right open!"

*2 seconds later*

KTO: *"Square Space is really good!"*

Author — Beandog


Just be glad it wasn't "set of steak knives night"

Author — Danse Macabre



You are only hurting yourself by throwing stuff on the field...

Not from what I see

Author — Daniel Lee


"Boom headshot!"
~Some Guy In The Stands

Author — Lead Guitarist


I collected all the bottles,   redeemed them at 5 cents a bottle, and was able to buy season tickets the following year!!! It was World WarIII

Author — Ed Baker


I was at this game and still have my ticket.

Author — deangtrs


That’s why they don’t sell bottles anymore.

Author — Doomzyy


I live in Cleveland, I attended this game, it was an ugly scene, I also had my young son with me, I remember shielding him from the shower of beer bottles. There is no doubt the fan’s overreacted, the mood in the crowd though was that they had been openly cheated out of a victory on national TV, which is absolutely true, the referees should have been held more accountable for their actions (not sure if they ever were). I believe in this day and age I would hope the NFL would pony up some of those billions of dollars they bring in to assure it never happens again, that was the last NFL game I went to and probably my last ever.

Author — furncemanjim


There comes a time when you gotta remind the powers that be, that they can make all the rules and laws they want...but when you become the problem...there are more of us than there are of you.

Author — Warmindking


i’m just sayin if this was in philly they would’ve been killed

Author — Keep Pounding


Browns owner: everyone was behaved
Meanwhile in the real world
Announcer: a man is down!

Author — RyanzonGFUEL


What the fans did wasn't right but at the same time you are professional officials at the highest level.. there's no excuse for the fans knowing the rules better than you..

Author — Cody Eble