The Game the NFL Wants YOU TO FORGET

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The Game the NFL Wants YOU TO FORGET 4.5

In 2001, the Browns played the Jaguars in the infamous game known as "bottlegate". After a shocking decision made by the referees, the stadium erupted and began throwing bottles at anyone and everyone on the field. This video gives the full story on what exactly took place on this fateful day.

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The game the NFL wants you to forget
*gets 9.9M views*

Автор — Lets get to 1500 subs with 1 video


If this was soccer in brazil those refs would have been literally murdered

Автор — Justin Case


This is going to happen again if the refs don't get their shit together.

Автор — Tammie A


I'm surprised the 2019 refs haven't had this happen to them.

Автор — Zurrk


Browns Fans in 2001: *Throwing Beer Bottles*
The NFL: The Browns Fans are outa control.
Miles Garrett: hold my helmet

Автор — cOncuR J E L L i


What the fans did wasn't right but at the same time you are professional officials at the highest level.. there's no excuse for the fans knowing the rules better than you..

Автор — Cody Eble


But the NFL still say that officials don't make bad call's.

Автор — Chad Brattain


Reviewing a replay 2 plays before ??
Thats cheating ..

Автор — Firas Francis


This refereeing is worse than my flag football games, and my dad got kicked out for yelling at a official

Автор — Ryan Zimmerman


Owner: no one got hurt.

Автор — Nolan Lindeman


The refs are just lucky this happened in Cleveland. They wouldn’t have gotten out of Philly alive.

Автор — Matt King


Announcer: "The Crowds gotta stop throwin' bottles someones head split right open!"

*2 seconds later*

KTO: *"Square Space is really good!"*

Автор — Beandog


I laughed so hard when it said happy holidays on the top of the final score .lol 😆

Автор — WixBrix


Imagine if these people were at the game where the saints got cheated out of the super bowl

Автор — caden lawrence


That’s why they don’t sell bottles anymore.

Автор — Doomzyy


Just imagine paying for good seats right on the field and all the bottles people threw that didn't quite have the arm to make it to the field.. 😕

Автор — Nate


Did the rule of "we can't look at a play 2 plays ago" even come to anyone's mind?

Автор — Matthew Doel


The guy guarding the tunnel is just standing there while glass bottles are flying through the air..

Автор — Jolly CoOperator


"It wasn't world war 3"
All that matters

Автор — Jack Zeamer


I think we need this again after seeing Green Bay Vs Lions on Monday night

Remember 10/14/19

Автор — Tony Mens