I Spent 300 Days in MODDED Stardew Valley

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I hope you all enjoyed :)) Like the vid so i can make 400 days
bye thanks for watchingggg
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tysm for watching :3

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epic :D
also sub if your kool 😎
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Author — REDtm


Yoooo he spent 300 days. I can't spend that much IRL without dying...

Author — FLAKELY


Now I NEED this/these mods. Looks so fun and cute and i definitely wouldn't get as bored or burnt out.
Until i upgrade my PC and clean it up, i shall play vanilla SD. Thanks for this playthrough always love your voiceover, editing style and dedication.

Author — kendra hampton


How did I get so lucky to discover this playthrough today of all days?

Author — corbear007


Awesome playthrough, although i’m disappointed you didn’t tend to your animals at all in this episode

Author — David Parent


Let's go. Another 100 days of modded stardew valley! I'm excited ngl.

Edit: I loved how you were talking more about a wizard than about your wife.

Author — MaximPrime


I spend 300 hours waiting for this video, and it was definitely worth it.

Author — epicdude181


I think you have a 1/4 chance of getting void mayonnaise from fishing in the witches swamp

Author — Reen


I loved it so much, its like my first playthrough! Thank you for the fantastic content and for tending to your animals (please give more love to Sophia)

Author — Késia DPC


I love this content, deserves way more recognition

Author — TheNinjaMythGaming


Thank you for the time you put into this! You’re awesome

Author — Sverre Marlet


It's awesome how you did it I really loved it especially the new version of the game that you created, the environment the new NPCs so awesome hope you do 400 Days soon

Author — the money maker


Good video! Watching you play is making me excited to play modded Stardew with my friend

Author — KiWiPeDia


Hell yeah! Love these videos. Your channel deserves more recognition for sure

Author — ItsHobo965


i hadn't touched sve in like a year but after watching this series i went through a grueling effort of finally updating and upgrading all my mods (though it took me longer then I'll admit to)

Author — GodSpeed 2410


Been waiting for this an amount of time babe. I Hope there will 400 days soon. 😇

Author — Storn healif


thanks man.. you made me sleep so well..🥰

Author — viroqe


Nice content dude keep it up💖👍

And have a nice day everyone

Author — Its me Isumi


I love this serie keep it up:)
Also i installed the mod but when i get to load a world red commands are showing fast, i found an old 32 bit computer with 2gigs of ram and i wanted to try it out, any solution?

Author — ohDimos


commenting for the 🤖. you deserve alot more subscribers and views!

Author — vincent