The shortest game of Magnus Carlsen's chess career!

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Magnus Carlsen came to the game played five moves, offered a draw to Vidit Gujrathi and it all ended in just five moves! What happened? Check out in this video as we bring you the entire footage.

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For those who don't understand, Magnus Carlsen had an upset stomach so he offered a draw after just 5 moves to Vidit Gujarati which he accepted.

Author — Aryaman


After his last match with Niemann, this is no longer his shortest game.

Author — Tufflaw


Respect to Vidit. Very sportive player

Author — Hehehe


GM Vidit ranks 24 in the world. It may look like Magnus was winning so Vidit accepted draw, but Magnus was the one who wanted a draw. As you can see that Vidit was surprised when Magnus put Knight in G5

Author — Samdarsh Singh


Vidit seems to be a nice guy. I did not see anybody else smiling just from the start.

Author — Masterkontrollprogramm


It was a draw. Magnus offered a draw because he had an upset stomach. And vidit accepted the draw.

Author — AbhiDev


You can tell by Vidit 's facial expressions that beads were involved. Magnus noticed this and realized an early draw was his only opportunity to get out alive.

Author — Ryan McAllister


After resigning move 1 against Hans Niemann, this game is now the second shortest game of his career.

Author — Maestro Sock


If I had magnus in a checkmate I would still accept his draw

Author — Ali Mourtada


Vidit seemed happy to take the draw.
As long as both are pleased with the result, things are fine.😊

Author — Gy Bx


For anyone confused Magnus had a bad stomach and offered a draw, his opponent accepted it. no one lost and magnus didn't have him pinned or whatever

Author — Myst


The best part of this draw was Sagar Shah's reaction of astonishment as he springs to his feet and draws nearer for a look, bafflement and question on his face!! <3

Author — WoT Hog


This is so funny; when I first saw this, I thought Vidit had stumbled into fool's mate, and Magnus's shrug as he left was a kind of gracious gesture signaling "Yeah, these crazy weird blunders happen, human fallibility, it's not your real play." I took Vidit's awkward smile as signaling embarrassment (with mild self-humor) at such a fumble.

Also, another first for me as to this game:

Author — Anon Ymous


When I was younger I once played against 7 chess professionals here in Germany at the same time..

And lost to all of them

Author — Blutadler


I think I could defeat Magnus Carlsen because I binge-watched "The Queen's Gambit".

Author — AirSandFire


Vidit good 🙏🙏 sportsmanship I would love to see a complete match hoping both are health wise okay 🙏

Author — Nancy Thakur🌻


When I used to play chess, i defeated so many players like my dad, uncles and friends with this same

Author — mayank sahu


I think Magnus broke his own record now! 😂

Author — Anudeep Vurity


The excitement in the crowd was unbelievable. At one point I thought a Mexican wave was going to break out

Author — biggsy2909


I like this match. It's my favourite of Magnus'. He had stomach cramps or something so drew it five moves in. Have to admit I'd take it too. I mean he got to play against Magnus and DREW IT! Uber good sportsmanship on Vidit's part.

Author — Demogorgon47