Disaster in India | Boeing 737 Crash | Asleep at the Controls | Air India Express Flight 812 | 4K

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Disaster in India | Boeing 737 Crash | Asleep at the Controls | Air India Express Flight 812 | 4K 4.5

Find out why this Boeing 737 crashed after overrunning the runway in an attempt to land in Mangalore, India.

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I've received so many requests to recreate this accident. So here it is, hope you'll appreciate my work and thanks for watching! 😊😊

Author — TheFlightChannel


"you're not going to tell me my job youngster!" pretty much sums up the disaster

Author — Tony From Syracuse


Damn ... he killed almost everybody...a simple "go around" would have solved everything ... you lose 20 minutes but you gain years of life ...

Author — Rob Nolan


If I were the first officer my last words would have been, "oh, so NOW you want to go around?"

Author — Corn Pop


Imagine the 1st officer was the captain and he did a go around.

What would you think?

Author — Creeper The Gamer


Probably the most preventable and unnecessary crash to date.
So sad.

Author — Monster Mousse


it makes me so upset that the pilots sometimes forget that there are HUNDREDS of people's lives behind their backs

Author — boygonewild_


We've got captains who land airliners with situations like engine failure.
And then we have captains like this.

Author — Atique Raza


Education and qualification is not everything . You also need a smart brain to do your job.

Author — iTEN journalist


Stupid captain... You were warned 3 times and still went with it, this is not a simulator this is no game, no second chance.. more then 100 people's lives are in your hands

Author — MAR Bre13


Ultimately Captain's ego and arrogance lead to this disaster..



It was not sleepiness, it was arrogance...

Author — Hard Boiled


when i wake up from a nap, i check my phone. when THIS GUYS WAKES UP HE NEEDS TO LAND A PLANE

Author — guy


MORAL: Let the captain sleep till landing otherwise he will make everyone asleep forever.

Author — Muhammad Salam Khan


I’ve only experienced one “go around” in all of my years flying as a passenger. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, but after watching enough of these videos I feel like I should have hugged and thanked the crew for their good judgement as I was safely stepping off the plane.

Author — Michael W


Not blaming but the co pilot should have taken control. To hell with the consequences.

Author — Charlotte Ruse


Sounds like the PIA crash: Too high, refuse to do a loop, crash.

Author — iF1ame


Co-pilot watched on while somebody else digging a grave for him... and everybody else!

Author — D800Lover


I never understand why at the end of runways, they always seem to have rivers, embankments, roads, hills, or in this case, a damn cliff! Seriously?! Why don't they put some sort of area at the end that brings the plane to a stop in a safe way that doesn't damage the plane too severely.

Author — Totoro


Never trust a sleeping pilot. He will only wakeup to kill everyone

Author — Azad Ahmed