Disaster in India | Boeing 737 Crash | Asleep at the Controls | Air India Express Flight 812 | 4K

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Disaster in India | Boeing 737 Crash | Asleep at the Controls | Air India Express Flight 812 | 4K 4.5
Find out why this Boeing 737 crashed after overrunning the runway in an attempt to land in Mangalore, India.

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I've received so many requests to recreate this accident. So here it is, hope you'll appreciate my work and thanks for watching! 😊😊

Author — TheFlightChannel


"you're not going to tell me my job youngster!" pretty much sums up the disaster

Author — Tony From Syracuse


It was not sleepiness, it was arrogance...

Author — Hard Boiled


it makes me so upset that the pilots sometimes forget that there are HUNDREDS of people's lives behind their backs

Author — boygonewild_


I always have thought I was safe after the tyres touch the ground 😬

Author — Mermaid Channel -Entertainment Love & Peace


The FO was more qualified than the Captain... :(

Author — Juan Gama


Not a science student, nor a frequent flier, but when this was mentioned that the pitch was way higher than usual, it simply occured that no big deal, they can 'go around' and bring it to the apt height, but the Great Captain with thousands of flying hours and 16 landing experience on the same runway, couldn't agree for a simple procedure...

I have seen a lot of crash and flight failure videos, but this had the most stupid reason of all.

RIP the poor souls and the most I feel sorry for the First Officer.
Peace to all.

Author — Shipra Avasthi


My friends mother died in this crash. We were one week away from our final exams in our first year of medical school.

Author — Regulator TD


Watching these tragedies reminds me that sadly, as humans, we possess a never-ending supply of over-confidence and stupidity....

Author — R Garlin


A lazy eastern European captain sleeps through most of the flight and wakes up to kill nearly everyone on board the plane. Where do the airlines find these suicidal pilots?

Author — Ed Shed


Well the pilot is getting plenty of rest now. What a preventable waste. Sigh.

Author — CleoPhoenix


Every First Officer's nightmare; your captain won't acknowledge a mistake and pride prevents him from correcting. Interestingly, the FO had more experience at this airport according to the video yet the captain was requested to land.

Author — Jack Jones


One crazy incident happened after this incident. Approximately one hour later one survivor fell off the plane walked down hill and there is a railway track and he walked by and reached the nearest main road. And he called his family members who were on the way to airport and asked them to come to his place which was a small local town. And they didn't knew about the crash and asked him why would we come there you should be in airport right now. When he said the flight fell they thought he was bluffing. Whatsover they went there and shocked to see him standing near railway cross with his clothes torn and minor scratches



Am i the only one thinking that every plane crash the victims pays for their theyr death without knowing??

Author — • Icelii •


Moral of the story: Let sleeping dogs lie .
Those passengers would be alive had the F/O been in charge .

Author — AnSonn xtv


Arrogance.. No Sleep issue. RIP people who died.

Author — MrPhs456


Never trust a sleeping pilot. He will only wakeup to kill everyone

Author — Azad 4765 Ahmed


Education and qualification is not everything . You also need a smart brain to do your job.

Author — iTEN journalism


The Captain MURDERED those passengers. Co-pilot should had stepped it up he lost his life for it! Horrible and unnecessary tragedy.

Author — Leslie Whittenstall


Ultimately Captain's ego and arrogance lead to this disaster..