Build a Electric Go Kart at Home - v2 Electric Car - Tutorial

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Build a Electric Go Kart at Home - v2 Electric Car - Tutorial 4.5

How to Build an Electric Go Kart at Home - v2

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Author — Blip Blop


gf : come over
he : sorry i can't i don't have a car
gf : but my parent's aren't home
he : give me 47 minutes

Author — Blue B


Not everyone has equipment ready at home like you 😂

Author — Prasadarao Andey


I come from Thai Land. I like watching your clips very much.
There aren't many people doing this here, so keep developing.😊😊

Author — PRU Studio


Everyone moaning about the parts he used, it's some steel, some wheels and a motor. You wanna build a go kart from rocks? Idiots

Author — TheRageMaker


💗❤صلوا على الحبيب المصطفى النور المهدَى ❤💗

Author — أسامة الجزري


I keep asking myself: Are you known in the region as the inventor or something? When I lived in a condominium here, I took things from the rubbish that people threw away, I did a lot of things, at that time I was about 12 years old. Once they threw out those neon car lamps

Author — Wolfer Alpha


WOW!!! Sir, I'm One of your Subscribers of your Amazing Projects using DC Motors, How to Make Sliding Gate with DC Motor Please Make a Project for it... thanks....

Author — Jhingards Tura


Hello, May I know please what country are you in so I can find out the prices of the equipments please...

Author — Música Para Dormir JPC


You should give an explanation of each part, and its usefulness, to make it even more interesting give a little refreshment with a little joke, the song "which is cool to hear, success is always for you💪💪

Author — fahrur Rojikin


Oh yea just let me find my electric motor somewhere around the house

Author — Jakob Dutz


Kids! We got you a Trampoline - Go Kart!

Author — ToxicBananaFish


Do you have a detailed documentation of it including all the dimensions and knowledge used?

Author — Pratik Poudel


It is an amazing video to motivate someone to build projects like this, however it’s so depressing not having a workshop filled with parts.

Author — Animation Overlord


I wanna know who taught this guy how to weld

Author — Jakob Kriner


Reminds me of when I was a boy. Having fun is the best thing for children.

Author — A Man Cut in Slices


Sir, I aspire to your level of expertise. Keep up the good work

Author — John Doe


I love this channel. So many projects I can make with my everlast welder.

Author — Karol Thiesen


if have proper 5 speed gearbox, can go faster

Author — tstm smbo


Your welds make my eyes bleed, but the build is epic!

Author — asset