Casio MT-55 Retro Keyboard Review

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

I thought i might try something new today, a keyboard review.

Now as some of you may know, i have a passion for making music. I would like to integrate my channel with my music production projects, so stay tuned because there will be more musical content coming!

Fun Facts about the Casio MT-55

* It uses pulse waves to produce it's instruments.
* It was released in 1981.
* It has 6 notes of polyphony.
* It has one mono speaker.
* It also has a uncommon light gray variant.

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Nice vid man, I have a Casio in my closet. It's huge, that's awesome how you can play the piano, keyboard. I have a few vids where I made a few songs on my KORG DSi from years back. I wish they made a newer one with a vocoder options via the mic. haha that's great you did the Zelda theme!! Wow you're really good!

Author — MKF30


mine arried today. Lightweight and ultraportable, a nice companion of my MT65-68-70-100! Only a little defect, white keys are noisy (same "click" as in your video). But it is far better than modern SA series!

Author — Davide Tambuchi