iPhone 11 keynote in 5 minutes

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iPhone 11 keynote in 5 minutes 4
Watch Apple’s iPhone 11 announcement from Apple's September 2019 keynote.

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It's literally the same IPhone XR with a new chip lol

Just get a one plus 7 pro

Author — Rileyyy


Glad to know my 1 year old XR still out performs all the newest androids in CPU performance

Author — B Nav


You know what’s missing in this keynote? Jony Ive voice. 🙂🙃

Author — Muhd Aqid


That bezel is a big turn off, the design is years outdated

Author — WJ isme


Omg! The glass was sculpted from 1 piece of glass...

Author — fatmandoubblescoop


Dislike the iPhone not the Video guys!!

Author — Slim Shady


After Watching this many people got the Message and ordered OnePlus 7Pro

Author — Nishant Soni


Ok the regular 2 camera looks fine but the 3 camera one has me dying😂😂

Author — Shanah Morales


Lol. Better GPU performance and yet still gaming at 60fps

Author — Azraei Halim


Botched aluminum? I'm not watching anymore.

Author — Renzo C


green text crew where you at got that galaxy 2

Author — Severe Zafari


Should be oled, I don't mind lower res screen(my iPhone 4 was sharp enough ) but LCD is big bummer …

But the 699usd is awesome price …

Author — nepaliman


That ladies left shoe is a bit taller than her right.

Author — Skyshawk


So, it's an uglier iPhone XR, well done apple

Author — Daniel Quevedo


I see the Anti Apple fan boys are all firing tonight

Author — But We


All I got from this is that my XR just lost significant trade in value, for nothing really new and exciting.

Author — NetHazard


Where's the innovation?
All this have been done by the competition apple may have just implement it better but where is the innovation?

Author — MintArcade


They should have let go of the notch!!!
I will never buy a notched phone!!! I'm going for Samsung galaxy note10 plus 🔥🔥🔥

Author — Desi Crypto Guy


Apple usually have beautiful, daring design...

Author — Fahmi Mandela


Why don't they do MacBook Pro naming scheme where the bigger model doesn't have any special name despite being the superior device with unique features. There should have just been an iPhone 11, and then two iPhone Pro phones, no numbers attached to the names. Maybe would've called for a body redesign to justify the numberless nomenclature. Maybe a redesign a la iPad Pro? Then we could have flat-edged metal frames, with USB-C, and first-gen Apple Pencil support.

Author — Torre Florim