Redesigning the Tesla Model S in 2020

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Redesigning the Tesla Model S in 2020 4.5

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💬 Comments on the video

Bro you can talk about whatever you want cause 9/10 times you talk about things I’m interested in 👌🏾👌🏾👏🏾

Author — Andre Ayton


Bro drew you need to talk about all kinds of tech that includes Tesla so yeah thanks keep doing you.

Author — Adnan Ahmed


I may be in the minority, but the Model S is my favorite Tesla by far. So I also hope you’re wrong lol

Author — Christa White


The car in the thumbnail is...
.... beautiful.

Author — Corrupt Human


Hey I enjoy these topics. You be you, don’t worry about any haters in the comments.

Author — Imperfect Xennial


Drew "Today we are talking about a tesla redesign. not a refresh. redesign" *Video title* "Refreshing Tesla" Sigh

Author — Unclejerry50th


"modern era''? Legacy car manufacturers even can't catching the 2012 model S yet.

Author — George Shonia


8:00 heh, Elon recently tweeted that the Roadster Will do 0-60 in 2.1

11:13 while all of that is true about the Roadster, another important thing to keep in mind (and honestly, more important than the old roadster being outdated), Tesla's mission is to get everyone on board with electric cars. This includes die hard gas car fans who enjoy performance. In order to appeal to that market, Tesla needs to release a car where they go all out on performance. Like Elon said when they unveiled it, they need to take the halo effect that gas card have on performance. They need to show the wold that the title of the ultimate sport car, the top of the top, is no longer held by a gas car, but by an electric one

Basically, it's more than just "oh the old one isn't being made anymore", it's also "we need to prove that electric is better in every way - practical day to day driving, as well as performance"

Author — AwesomeGuy


I love teslas but not only do I also love the S, 3, X MODELS I like

Author — Susana Machado


When this guys say: It look nice and minimalistic and it's fine.I always but always think he is so wrong lol here when he talks about 2 or 1 displays...

Author — Stefan Ciganovic


Tesla is struggling a bit. They need the sales. If Elon hints at a Model S/X refresh, people will stop buying the current models altogether in anticipation for the refreshes. By denying the possibility of a refresh, he can still sell the current models and then "surprise" everyone with a refresh announcement when they get closer to mass production.

Author — StockSoul


I think the model S should also be faster than the model 3 (261 km/h). Maybe 280 km/h or 300 km/h

Author — Maximilian Mander


It sounds to me like you're hoping for a shell change.

Tesla has already said it's refreshing the Model S. Details are a bit sketchy, but we know that suspension tweaks are in the works, software updates are coming to more closely harmonize with the Model 3 user interface and functionality, improvements have been made to the electric drive train, and it's all but certain that at some point, probably quite near, battery pack options will be upgraded again. Autopilot will be upgraded regularly through OTA. Switching to a horizontal main screen and tweaks to arm rests are not ruled out. The only change you're asking for that I haven't heard even a rumor for is a shell change.

The shell is fine. It's a quiet, understated, slippery design, the interior room is the best in its class, there's no reason to throw the shell design under the bus just to get a new look 'for the '20's.' The Model S isn't supposed to stand out; it's supposed to blend in with traffic and deliver a comfortable, sporty ride.

Legacy automakers have conditioned us for years to expect annual shell changes. Cosmetics are how they shame owners of older models - which are obviously old and used - into upgrading to the latest model year. Tesla doesn't want to go down that road. They want their cars to hold their value - and even improve their value through OTA software upgrades.

I say we let Tesla be Tesla. I like their philosophy. You should, too.

Author — Urgelt


A heads up display is all you need, I drive a cooper S and rarely ever look at my dials as I’ve got a heads up display

Author — Benjamin Batchelor


Video title: Refreshing the model S

First line in video: “Not a spec bump, not a refresh, a total redesign.”

Author — Alex Carroll


Drew: “Not just a refresh”
Also Drew: titles video “refreshing the Tesla model s

Author — Perry Decosmo


How about improving their interior quality for the new S models? From what I've seen on youtube and forums, the biggest complaints (maybe the only ones left) with Tesla is the quality of the car itself, not the tech or the engines: badly assembled, bad paint jobs — not problems you find in high-end companies like Mercedes. The Model 3 should be the low-end model (maybe in the future we'll see even cheaper models 2 and 1?), affordable, so it's fine if its stitching and whatever are not perfect. But if the Model S costs around 100k, that puts it in the same league as the big boys and that means its standards need to be higher. As you said, the first S was there to pave the way for electric cars, but now I think the smart move would be to make the cheaper models even cheaper and the more expensive ones even pricier.

Author — Simone Pagnotta


I would really love! to see the Model S get a display like the new roadster. I’m sorry but the model 3 display looks like an ad-on. I love how the new roadster display is at a nice angle and integrated into the dash and floor, it is artistic and beautiful. I love when beauty and functionality are combined. A secondary display is also important to shave seconds off of our reaction times and It just contributes to the safety and ease of our experience imo🌟

Author — Mark Govers


Thank you. I fall into that group that likes the screen behind the wheel and i want a horizontal screen. sadly no Tesla has both

Author — alexander stewart


Elon: No refresh planned, only minor updates


Dammit Elon

Author — Matthew Beaver