Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere, Biden Moves Forward Anyway

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Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere, Biden Moves Forward Anyway 5

Day 21 of #Squattergate is upon us, Trump did his ceremonial duty by pardoning the White House turkey, retweeted actor Randy Quaid 5 times, we matched Trump to music from Dreamgirls, Jimmy offers you a way to get out of your Thanksgiving Family Zoom, and he gives Harvard grad Bennett from “The Bachelorette” a chance to redeem himself with a make-up quiz after he failed on last week’s episode.

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Trump: "Trust me, I know turkeys, nobody knows turkeys better than me."

Author — Angel M


—If you could reason with a Trump supporter, they wouldn’t be Trump supporters—

Author — M SYAHRUL UGDIDoctorJupe


Trump "I've done more for Turkeys than any other President in history."

Author — ractsninjas


“Retweeting Randy Quaid” should be the official medical basis for having a person deemed criminally insane

Author — Graham Willis


Harvard aside, did this guy even take the SAT? "Fallacious" took waaay too long.

Author — Jaime Leogárdo


Am I the only innocent guy who got "borne"

Author — Aprameya Aithal


I've known a few men in my life with over-inflated egos, but none of them can hold a candle to Trump! 🙄 Egomania on steroids!

Author — Herb Nichols


So he lost to "the worst candidate" according to him. So that makes him a bigger loser. Losing now 3 times in Georgia.

Author — joanna lorenzo


When you aren't in America but you hate trump so much

Author — mike kanjeri


I got really excited when he said there’s a gift. Man, I miss Oprah.

Author — Reem Al Sinan-Oswald


"Nobody hates losing more than me". Trump would know. He's been doing it all his life.

Author — cwif rbm


Trump did everything he could to manipulate the presidential election process. He ripped mailboxes out of the pavement, he defunded post offices, he minimized polling locations and he even told his supporters to vote twice, but it didn't work. He still lost.

Author — Ulysses Grant


“Look Ma, a giant 264 lb. basted turkey pardoning an actual turkey!”

Author — Smallstudio Design


That Comedy Central clip of Donny being dragged out of the nursery is becoming more realistic by the day!

Author — Rich Rich


Are we just going to pretend that Bennett didn’t check his phone at 10:00 while spelling chlamydia. I’m not the only one that saw that subtle look over right?

Author — Weston Heitkamp


Trump: I’m the best president th God ever created”.... 😂 LMAO

Author — Bosem Jeans


Randy Quaid needs to be on medication. I can’t even laugh.

Author — JM1993951


WOW, Randy Quaid, THAT’S officially the bottom dwelling of RE-Tweeting

Author — Leah Scott


Trump says " I'm not leaving the White House until Joe Biden proves he received 80.000.000 votes. Sir! You need to leave!! 🇨🇦🕊

Author — shannon o'rielly


The "Dreamgirls" skit was FLAWLESS! One of the best engineered bits ever!

Author — JDD999