The Midterms Have Stephen Feeling... Emotions

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The Midterms Have Stephen Feeling... Emotions 5

With Democrats taking the House and Republicans holding on to the Senate, Stephen can't figure out if he's supposed to be feeling happy, sad or... everything?

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My state failed. So far, they rather elect a guy who used a football players death to scare people into a border wall to stop illegal immigrants. INDIANA ISN'T EVEN ON THE BORDER!!

Author — mindlessgonzo


I'm not too bummed the Dems didn't take the Senate, no one seriously thought we would. The House was where we had a chance, and we flipped it!
So I'm pretty happy.☺

Author — TimeandMonotony


Texas, Florida, and especially Georgia needs recount. Too much corruption; purging, suppression, and outright fraud.

Author — Purple Flame Tarot


I'm not an American, but I am so delighted that the Democrats took the House!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Author — Tami Koestomo


To all those that voted for Cruz and Blackburn,
Rejoice in being horrible traitors to your country.

Author — Will The Angry Dudeist


To those bemoaning the fact that democrats didn't take the senate, i get it, but bear in mind that only 35/100 seats were up for reelection and 42 republican seats were not up for election this year at all. The House of Representatives on the other hand had all 435 seats up for election. Nearly two thirds of the senate seats weren't even on the ballot.

Author — AngryBlobfish


"You know, the midterm elections used to be, like, boring, didn't they?"
Mmmm... no. Since I turned 18, I have voted in _every_ midterm. What would be boring about a midterm election? There's only one office one is not voting for. The rest are just as crucial.

Author — Fauler Perfektionist


Now Trump and Fox hosts will forget about Migrants caravan suddenly.

Author — LibHunk


I can't believe Texas re-elected Ted Cruz. I just can't imagine placing a pencil on the ballot and choosing Cruz to go to the Senate for 6 more years. Even if you couldn't vote for O'Rourke how could you possibly vote for that horrible Cruz. TX is officially on my shit-list as is and has been FL, and I'm in NC for crying out loud which is also of course on the list!

Author — JC Byrd


I am not American - but I am proud of the US this morning! Pity about Beto, but maybe Cruz will have the "Trump effect" and make it harder for Republicans to win in 2020 by showing how government should NOT be done.

Author — Blue Otter


I'm bummed about Georgia and Florida. I think Kemp stole the election by abusing his power and racist Florida trump clone sucks. But we do have a great victory to hopefully balance these insane idiots. IF they do their job.

Author — lost highway78


The best part about Trumps election was making me actually pay attention to politics. I voted for the first time yesterday cuz I was tired of the shit show I was watching.

Most ppl are so deep in political bias, built from years of being left or right, that they still stick with that status quo, in spite of anything happening around them

Author — Junior Balogun


I felt trump's greatest contribution is to make people aware of politics....because frankly before this year, I don't even know there is a midterm voting, and what its a lot of young people dont care, but this year

Author — Richard He


here in Canada we did everything on paper. we placed our votes at the nearest school, church or community center in our area. simple as that. no crazy long lines, took me 10 min. you're even allowed to leave work ( paid ) so you can vote.

Author — Ash Lilyvale


That guy doing the thumbs down to Mitch is a national hero.

Author — Pickled Thyme


You dont know how BADLY us Non-Americans wanted to vote! The United States is a mess!

Author — hawaomar100


I don’t think for a moment we’ve seen the last of Beto (or Andrew Gillum or Stacey Abrams).

Author — Rose S


There was never a true wave in the south, but only a trickle of water. The deplorable Republican candidate for governor openly claimed he would win, because the "map" was in his favor. Hmm wonder how that can be.

Author — Desna Connery


I look forward to McConnell being voted out!

Author — Tia Black


We all know Russian interference is why Blake Shelton got that Sexiest Man win... we all know it.

Author — New Message