Edit photos with Movavi | Introducing our new Photo Editor

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Edit photos with Movavi | Introducing our new Photo Editor 4.5

Meet the new version of our photo editing app! Smart and simple, Photo Editor lets you edit your photos, enhance their quality, and correct imperfections. Try it yourself today! Download a free trial version for Windows here:

Version for Mac users:

Editing photos can be a fascinating process – and you don’t have to be a pro to start doing it. With Movavi Photo Editor, you’ll be editing pictures in no time! Just give it a try!

What can you do with your photos using Photo Editor? Let’s see:

-Automatically improve the quality of your photos
-Add stylish special effects
-Use crop, rotate, resize tools to transform your picture
-Remove or change out the photo background

And many more fun and exciting changes. Have fun with your pictures like never before!

How to edit pictures? How to remove the background from your photo? How to apply photo effects? We’ll show you how! Subscribe to the official Movavi channel and watch video tutorials about our new picture editing app - Movavi Photo Editor:

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This video definitely helped me learn the basics of editing a video. I've never edited before and this is my first time using a program to do so. Thanks for the great product!

Author — Destineé Sierra


Thank you! Movavi is one of the videos that have many effects and easy to use.

Author — SoYoung Kwon


this was really helpful good job keep up the work

Author — Qua'dier Gordon


When I save a photo that I have edited using the trial version of Movavi the photo saves with the Movavi watermark logo. Does the purchased version of the software keep the watermark too?

Author — Lana Wilson


Wow this is neat! Didn't know you guys did photo editing software too!!!

Author — Ombre Llama


vraiment cool comme logiciel j'adore

Author — UriKami


Does it work with Photos app in Mojave ? Can it import and export photos from / to Photos app in Mojave? thanks for you answer :)

Author — VIEC


There are so many added features that make it fun and easy to put all those little extras together and create one very professional looking final result, thank you again;

Author — RF Burn


After adding an image to an existing image out do you align the 2nd image over lay to center?

Author — E L I T E O N T H E B E A T


why does my movavi program crash every time I try to print an image

Author — Howard Spires


Hi, I am using this editor and it's great but how come when I add all ths clips together and everything which was the video, so I added everything I filmed but then while I was editing after the whole video it keels on going and it shows a pitch black screen? Really wanna know because I do not want that in my video:)

Author — Karla Figueroa



Author — Sofi Cardozo