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Dive, track and explore the world with Paul G. Ranky: This video series, promoting sustainable green living, the importance of our oceans, marine life, and green mobility was shot originally in 4K/UHD in the following famous and beautiful sites: Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park area (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the North and South Atolls, Ranger Station, Amos Rock, Ko Ok, Sea Fan Alley, Shark Airport, Washing Machine, Jessie Beazley Reef, Malayan Wreck, Black Rock, Delsan Wreck, Staghorn Point, the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park Ranger Station, around the waters and on Malapascua Island, not far from Cebu, Gato Island, Kalanggaman Island, and also in and around Panglao area islands, Bohol, such as Balicasag, Gak-ang Island, Doljo, Puntod Wall, Alona Beach House Reef, and Arco Point in the Philippines.

The purpose of this novel library of 4K UHD videos on YouTube is to offer valuable, high quality FREE resources for teaching, learning and researching sustainable green living and mobility systems, challenges, and some solutions.

All dives and videos were shot, edited, and produced by Paul G Ranky, in 4K UHD quality. Uploaded to YouTube in Full HD quality (1920 x 1080 pixels per frame), due to the huge file sizes of the original 4K UHD films. All edited in Apple's FCPX software in 4K UHD. The original 4K UHD full length films, as well as customer selected clips from the films are also available. Please contact the publishers directly if interested in licensing them for your own productions.

The easiest way to find these videos on Youtube is to search for: ‘Paul Ranky’.

Music for all videos composed, arranged, performed and edited by Paul G. Ranky, and other artists. All music used are professionally licensed. All original music by Paul's Blues Garage Band (PBGB). Paul's band reflects a lively, full of positive energy, happy, live recorded, occasionally imperfect rocky-blues garage band, beach party style sound, specifically created for his dive, track and explore video series. Paul tells us, that listening to his music and watching his dive and travel videos always should be a positive, exciting, uplifting, soul soothing experience for everyone.

Other videos in this Tubbataha, Malapascua, Panglao, Bohol Island, sustainable green series include the following titles (pls. copy-paste the titles below into a YouTube search field):













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So beautiful, I loved corals well filmed

Author — Nasrin Ahady


i have dove in tubathaha on 4 different ocassions。 each time its a wonderful experience。 love sulu sea。

Author — Nonoy Sinfuego