10 Best Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles In The World

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10 Best Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles In The World 4.5
An armored reconnaissance vehicle, also known as a scout vehicle, is a military vehicle used for forward reconnaissance. Both tracked and wheeled reconnaissance vehicles are in service. Today we will show you the 10 best armored reconnaissance vehicles in the world!

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Where is the Fennek? And where is best score based on? A recon vehicle isn't meant to engage... it's role is to be quiet, silent and observate. You seem to judge on cannons and armor.

Author — T van B


No this is not the best. You haven't seen the weapons of Ghana.

Author — Slegacy CDN


Re Scimitar: There is no royal army. It's the British army.

Author — John T


The jaguar is litteraly REPLACING the amx-10, how in the world is it so far down??

Author — T B6


There is no such thing as the Royal Army. There is the British Army. They are not named Royal Army due to the fact that the Army helped in part to execute King Charles after the English Civil war. It is also the reason the Uk parliament need to pass the Army Act

Author — John Ross



Author — tank.9


Whoah... the thumbnail picture is actually featured in the video!? *heart attack from shock*

Author — Random Coyote


Having served on CVR(T).... that's the Scimitar I am biased, but I loved it. The crazy places that you could go with it and terrain you could take it were amazing. I remember one snowy, frozen track in Bosnia that twisted into a near vertical drop to our left that I am certain very few other vehicles could have traversed.... ( perhaps a Hagglands BV206).... I would never have attempted it in any other of the vehicles listed. However my Scimitar and the troop leaders Spartan made light work of it. In both design and size it is the Mini of the tank world. You can take it on a Military 'Italian job' and it will perform - size does matter .... less is more! Just don't get into a mine field in one.  Owe and seven reverse gears as well at seven the clue is in

Yours in half eaten crayon


Formerly HM Light Dragoons

Author — Richard Appleby


You can add the french JAGUAR because we don’t now is performing is actually coming in french army but is not for today

Author — Mistral


More info type of motor, fuel, range, speed without info how are they the ten best

Author — Gary McCormick


0:36 well this vehicle is not just for reconnaissance but also for doing deja vu

Author — FBI


1:26 sorry I have concerns about french jaguar they rivitted instead of welding, rivit abundoned long before

Author — Royle Hun


I Like that jaguar but I also like that m3 Bradley

Author — Daniel Miguel Baez


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Author — Daniel Chism


Imma say it

The French have the best armored cars!

Author — Eanna McNamara


M3 Bradley is an old troop transport from the end of the Cold War !!! The AMX 10 RC will be replaced by the Jaguar which is the most modern and the most technologically advanced of the tanks that have been presented in this video.

Author — r.e ticdu13


3 commercials in 10 minutes video? This is becoming worse then TV channels.

Author — Do Re


The 2T Stalker looks like a tank made by HR Puffnstuff.

Author — menckencynic


Heeeyyy!!! That stalker is seen in Battlefield Bad Company!! Now I remember? Anyone else?😄

Author — Tojan Martin


Not really seeing why the jaguar is so low in the ranks.

Author — Al L