Ep. 22 How to Get a Big, Punchy Bass Drum Sound

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Ep. 22 How to Get a Big, Punchy Bass Drum Sound 5

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At long last, after many requests, we're on to the world of bass drum sounds. There's a lot to cover and this episode, in it's ~24 minutes of glory, is just the tip of the iceberg.

We wanted to start off with a common modern bass drum size. For this tutorial we used a Pearl Masters Custom Extra Maple 22x16" bass drum. This intention of this episode is to demonstrate quick tips to get a big punchy bass drum sounds that are suitable for R&B, rock, pop, and even some metal musical contexts. We experiment with various muffling methods as well as tuning approaches to achieve everything from a very attack-driven, punchy sound to a large, powerful bass drum sound with greater tonal presence.

Fear not! We'll be diving into smaller (and larger!) bass drums in future episodes with specific tuning approaches for different genres and classic sounds as well as addressing the break-in/seating process and overall drumhead fitment.

Hosted by: Cody Rahn
Production: Ben O'Brien Smith @ Cadence Independent Media

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💬 Comments

"Yea thats dead."

Best quote ever

Author — Dr. Jiggles


3:55 wide open (no muffling), batter head finger-tight, reso head mid-range (approx. E)

-7:55 EQ pad only

-11:25 pillow, lateral (shorter, minimal pressure)

-13:05 pillow, lengthwise (longer, maximal pressure)

-17:55 Lateral pillow, batter half turn above finger-tight, reso quarter turn down from original mid-range

-20:20 wide open, batter half turn above finger-tight, reso quarter turn down from original mid-range

-21:50 same as previous with handkerchief draped over reso port hole

Author — Peter Muszkiewicz


Loved your point about the mics in the room. It's really frustrating when people show you drums or any instrument but it's always the processed sound and not what it's actually sounding like in the room. Was just talking to my friend about that the other day. I appreciate you guys taking that into account :)

Author — KGTv


I've been binge watching these videos today and absolutely love the thoroughness and professionalism you guys are putting into them.

One thing I'd really like to see is timestamps in the description for the audio demos in each video. I'd really like to flick back and forward to compare sounds more easily.

Author — AotearoaMetalhead


I never realized how lifeless the pillow makes a bass drum. This is a holy shit moment for me, thank you!

Author — djentlover


Watched 21 episodes in a row until 6 am last night, this is the most fact based, informative, and objective take on tuning, tone and just anything drum, sound, mechanic wise I have ever seen! Guys nail every angle of the topic you are doing and make it clear and simple to understand, thank you so much for the work you do!

Author — Nick Van Leer


14:42 sounds like painful advice.

nonetheless, this is a good tutorial.
I kept experimenting on how the drums should sound like even with less use of a muffling inside the bassdrum.

Author — N3V2 - Nevto


Dig that middle of the road tension where the open and dampened sounds are all available. Great stuff guys!!!

Author — Daniel Long


My favourite drum channel on YouTube, excellent advise as ever. Loved the handkerchief tip!

Author — Paul Brown


I really like your explainations, that makes decisions reasonable. This is helpful for many people, looking for their favorite sound. Are you also singing? Your voice is so unique ;-)

Author — sandyfeet Gore


Excellent my man. Great reference for what things DO to the overall finished kick drum sound! Thank you!

Author — Steve Nabi


Shoutout to that Evan's Emad on the batter head

Author — Gaizure


I like every sound depens on what kind of gig you got my opinion

Author — Remy Garon


Sounds like a drum AWESOME CHANNEL 🤘🏼🥁🤘🏼

Author — L. HIGGY Drums


i have said it many times, and will continue to say is the best overall drum information channel on the net. continued success.

Author — secondsbeforelanding


The pillow the second way is how my kick sounds. I have a big ol blanket in there soo. Yah

Author — La Fuerza Blading


12:57 it's pretty dead, sure, but i gig with a quilt in my 20 and that's even deader

Author — IkoGrande


Rattling in/ on the drum?😅 none of the screws are loose inside or outside

Author — Dylyn Cady


Another great vid. Loved the hanky in the port. Gonna try that one!

Author — Bruce Johnston


You're great, man. That's the kind of talk about drums i'd preferred when i was younger. And i also liked you mentioning your "Rockstars", which i played as well for a long time :-) keep on doing this great stuff!

Author — Stefan Reitzammer