Making a Fire Pit from a 55 Gallon Oil Drum

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Making a Fire Pit from a 55 Gallon Oil Drum 4.5

Today in the shop we are making a new Fire Pit for my back yard, out of a 55 gallon oil drum. I have been wanting to make a fir pit out of oil drum for several years, but wasn't sure what design I wanted to create, until now. I reached out to my Father, who had an extra one on his property. After emptying the 4-5 quarts of oil that were left in it, and cleaning the inside with soap and water throughly, I was in business. I wanted to paint it with some type of design, so after removing the old paint from the outside, I cut it in half, and repainted it with the first coat of high temp grill paint. I repurposed the second half for the lid, and after removing several sections from the top, I used metal lathe to put screen back onto it. I repurposed the cut outs from the top for tabs, and a handle for the lid, as well as brackets to hold the 16 gauge plate in place, that was used as the fire base. I also repurposed an old steel bed frame headboard for the scroll legs, which were bolted on.

The lid will only be used when the fire is dying down, and I don’t want to leave the pit open before going inside, so don’t worry about the handle getting hot. In the event that it does get hot, I’ll remove the lid like I would with any fire pit lid, I’ll use a poker stick.

I originally though that I might do some welding on this project, but I realized that I could use pop rivets, and hardware instead. I was able to complete it with just as much strength and durability, and figured it would be a good tutorial for everyone, including those who do not have access to a welder.

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next barrel, put the handles to the side, tht way u dont burn urself
for the rest, gd job dude :P

Author — Dirk Mertens


4:14 the face from the window scared the hell out of me..

Author — Elsa Blair


I didn't scream at you, I just quietly said, And then laughed lol

Author — Bryan Richards


Great job, also love that there is no welding involved.

Author — Brian Bosanko


My immediate concern was the use of aluminum rivets. I've melted many an aluminum can, in camp fires, and fire pits ... so the temps are sufficient to melt aluminum ....

Author — orion bennett


Does the handle get hot? I know it's set away from the lid, but noticed the flames got pretty high there

Author — John Berwick


“I love it when a plan comes together.”
-Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith

Author — PhantomPanic


Great project! Use a glove when removing the lid after it's been lit tho, looks to be kinda hot ;)

Author — Mr SpliffDoctor


It's ok we know that you grinding the paint off a stolen barrel!

Author — Michael Brown


Actually it looks like one of those giant bingo ball spinners for the lotto or something. LOL

Author — David Austin


Great workmanship! Really creative.

One thing I noticed, the pop rivers are aluminum, which is likely to melt at those temperatures

Author — Jal Horst


He is the dude where the anglegrinder noise is coming from every weekend morning

Author — MrAttilasd


Thank you for this. Really beautiful and inspiring!

Author — Fleder


Can easily been turned into a barbecue grill as well. Great video, thank you.

Author — Bjoern Andersen


Nice one looks like i a'm making one of these.
My wife seen this video you know what that means.

Author — Douglas Fathers


Love this. Maybe add hinges. Maybe make a video adding hinges and making a tool to lift the lid even if its hot.

Author — Alexander's Fun and random channel


Awesome work, I would really love to have one for my yard to enjoy these wonderful summer days, and coming winter days to. Great job, keep up the good work.

Author — Frank Garcia


I like this video, it feels like a throw back to old school DIY Videos, keep up the good work

Author — MrLemon65


That is great! Would like to see the next one you build to see your thought on improving it. Beautifully done,

Author — Winston Jones


I once used a wire cub brush, I'm buying the one u r using to remove the paint from now on.

Author — D. PNP