1. Introduction, Financial Terms and Concepts

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MIT 18.S096 Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance, Fall 2013
Instructor: Peter Kempthorne, Choongbum Lee, Vasily Strela, Jake Xia

In the first lecture of this course, the instructors introduce key terms and concepts related to financial products, markets, and quantitative analysis.

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I'm just thankful i'm given an opportunity to see how MIT's lectures go

Author — Tan Zi Hao


damn Im in an MIT lecture with a 1.7 GPA


Author — Clayton Bridges


Some notable timestamps:
01:54 Key facts about the course
11:47 Background
30:10 Introductory examples
40:49 About Financial Mathematics
54:42 Real life applications / Projects

Author — Seiko van Paath


I've been waiting for this course to open since last year. I saw it in MIT TechTV but there were no videos yet. Thanks so much MIT for making this quality education available for everyone. I hope there would also be an edX version for this course

Author — Alexis Glenn Espina


Thanks very much, I’m from Brazil and the country is lacking in this type of content, I’m improving my English to better understand these class, but the access to this class is of great help.

Author — Brenner Thyago


This man knows his business. He doesn't need fancy presentation slides. Just the basic black and white slides will do.

Author — Enforcer


This was one of the best lectures I saw, no fancy Superhero chest beating, humble and simple yet I understood it. Thanks a lot and may we all keep learning and earning.

Author — Unsung Heroes


Education is the backbone of every economy

Author — Kanuni Sultan Suleyman


If only my professors were at least 50% of this quality and had at least 20% of the teaching method presented here.

Author — Ruxandra Caldwell


Wow these lectures are actually I have been waiting for..Thank you so much MIT.

Author — 서비호


Ah yes, I graduated with a degree from WSBU and now a professional robinhood options trader

Author — Victor P.


Wow, MIT got the CEO of Lau Security Investment Holdings to teach a class

Author — Jahi Gains


7:00, "What is so unique about Vega on this list."
Me: It is red
Him: Its not a greek letter

Author — Natzoo


Thank you for posting these videos online. I feel privileged to watch these !!!

Author — Mohan7


He's a wonderful professor! Thank you MIT!

Author — Jennifer Xiaoyu Fan


I appreciate having 2 different camera angles👌🏼

Author — radfoo72


Thanks a lot for this course, it´s amazing

Author — Balance Diario


I'm truly appreciative of open course ware, it really makes a difference who presents educational materials. The difference being the knowledge and another being the enjoyment.

Author — Gem Ridge


This course is as long as his tie. Thank you MIT!

Author — Liam michael Casey


This is GOLD information!
I'm so glad that they did this and I'm angry I'm only finding it now! But better sooner than later.
I can't afford to go to MIT, but finance is something I'm passionate about and I dig everything I can from the internet to absorb.
Thank you MIT

Author — Lauren H