Philip Allott - The True Nature of International Law

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Philip Allott - The True Nature of International Law 5

Lauterpacht Centre for International Law - University of Cambridge - 8 March 2013

'We are witnessing the dawn of a new human world. What will be the role of law in the making and managing of the new human world? The conceptual structure of International Law that we have inherited from the 18th century is no longer appropriate. We must imagine the conceptual structure of a new kind of International Law for a new kind of human world. The time is near when International Law is at last recognised as true law within an international society that recognises itself as a true society, that is to say, the society of all human beings and all human societies.'

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can someone upload a video of international law v municipal law please

Author — Tlhompho Qhobosheane


Cant even hear it, whats the point of this video?

Author — Suhavi Arya