Simon Ostrovsky Returns To Eastern Ukraine: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 40)

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Simon Ostrovsky Returns To Eastern Ukraine: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 40) 4.5

Earlier this month, a number of pro-Russia checkpoints around the Donetsk region were taken by Ukrainian forces, in an attempt to encircle the city of Sloviansk, a stronghold for the pro-Russia insurgents. Here, VICE News reporter Simon Ostrovsky embeds at one of the checkpoints with the Ukrainian National Guard, a volunteer militia made up of people who were protesting at the Kiev Maidan just a few short, but eventful, months ago. Simon spent the night in the dark basement of a police station with some of the men, as heavy fire and fighting rumbled above them.

Ukraine's presidential elections are scheduled for Sunday, but with this volatile situation in the east of the country, it's starting to look a lot more like a war.

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I think we should all also credit his equally big-balls camera man

Author — Ben Kelly


If Russia thinks it owns Crimea by virtue of history, doesn't Germany have an equal claim to Kaliningrad, 1255 - 1945?

Author — The Truth


when VICE was actually still a bit of amazing..

These kind of docummentaries were the best what this channel had to offer!

Author — M3t4PhYzX


Out of all guys, only ONE speaks Ukrainian. Everybody else speaks Russian. So much for Russian BS about "outlawing Russian language"

Author — HiddenUsename


I'm glad to see footage from the Ukrainian perceptive, I am so fed up of seeing the pro Russian forces provoking Ukrainians into fighting them and then saying the Ukrainians attacked them first

Author — TheHalfPaddy


Simon has some huge balls man. Takes a lot of guts to go back into a country where you were taken hostage. Brave reporter

Author — Acidic


Good job Simon! I am glad there is someone to show what's going on. These guys are not military, they are not trained but they do love their country. As an ukrainian i am a little bit sad due to fact most of the military "points" are held by simple people, that just want to protect it's country from invaders. Army and special forces are holding most important points and covering these guys with helicopters and artillery. I am proud of such people. When country has it's patriots, it'll never die out. No matter what russians say, when all of the ukrainians see who is who.

Author — DevilMayFilm


nice!  Simons back.

Yesterday, these "peaceful" Pro Russian Zombies attacked a Ukrainian Military checkpoint.  They were in an Armored truck, which was waved through the checkpoint.  After passing, the back of the truck was opened and the soldiers at the checkpoint were gunned down at point blank range.  11 Dead.

Anyone still want to call these separatists "peaceful protestors"?

Author — human151


I love auguring with brainwashed RT trolls that have a lack of cognitive skills.

Author — CHIMO UP


Simon, you've earned a ''balls of iron'' medal.

Author — TanknSpank


Hell yeah, Simon's back!
The British guy was alright too, but Simon just gives zero fucks about danger.

Author — Eric D


Simon Ostrovsky's balls are big bang size.

Author — gjergj lezha


The Ukranian Military is so much more open, friendly, professional than the separatists.

Author — Shephard


the Russians are champions of disinformation, and i'm glad to see that this Soviet era tactic finally explode on their faces.
the Americans aren't far behind in disinformation, only unfortunately for them they suck at it...

Author — wizzzer1337


note how pro-Russians talk to journalists and Ukrainian soldiers. Russians yell, harass to break camera, Ukrainians provide help to get where they want

Author — Pluto Planetko


i am from 4A Games, going to Malta, because Ukraine will not change after all of this.

And its very frustrating that foreign people believe russian news. They think Russia is the most kind country. -_-

Author — demitsuru


7:43 I hope this guy survived, he seems like a very nice guy!

Author — Jake Parker


I'm Russian and I'm ashamed of what is happening in my country ... And in Ukraine in particular. Ashamed of what our government is constantly lying to us. Ashamed of what Putin usurped power and nobody gives to approach her. Ashamed of the fact that almost all Russians blindly believe our national leader, Vladimir Putin and everything he says and does. Ashamed of the fact that Russia has deftly exploited the events in Ukraine in March 2014, occupied the Crimea, and then to the South-East of Ukraine, establishing there the self-proclaimed republics DNR and LC(NOVOROSSIYA). I understand that in Ukraine all is not well. There are also a lot of oligarchs who are cheating their own citizens and cashing in on it. And the US and Europe as well as cheat on their men, strongly deceiving them. And the United States with NATO implements their military plans, further and further extending to the East closer to the borders of the Russian Federation. Was in fact initiated a new round of "Cold war", in which hardly anyone will be the winner. I'm not defending anyone and not on any side I am not. I just feel ashamed for what is happening in my country and in sovereign Ukraine... Forgive me all !!! Peace to all !!!

Author — Artem Yaremenko


Алкашня сначала за 50 грн. голосует за Януковича. Потом жалуется на плохую жизнь. Теперь орёт "Рассия, памаги!"... Мудаки.

Author — Иван Сидоров


I think vice have such huge balls that they could be seen from cosmos...

Author — Vaidotas Ratkus