Montreal Canada | Driving Downtown Montreal 2018

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Montreal Canada | Driving Downtown Montreal 2018 5

Montreal, Quebec Canada | Driving Downtown Montreal 2018

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Montreal is considered the best city in the world for education as it ranks #4 in the world's best educational cities ....(as Prime Minister *Trudeau* has his education from the universities of Montreal named Mcgill University and Polytechnic University dé Montréal, both are world famous)
Montreal has a great vibe.... Not only European but also American...
It's also the best for international students as it ranks #5 whereas Toronto ranks #26
In Montreal French people are great!!!!
Moreover, Montreal has the most reputation than Toronto
in future, Montreal can welcome the biggest malls in the world called ROYAL MOUNT
and there will be more soaring skyscrapers, apartments, buildings, condos etc.
will have many major additions and changes in future which will make the city more developed because technology is also the best in Montreal than in Toronto.
Variety of foods are also more in Montreal than in Toronto.

Montreal is only lacking trams...but in future Montreal will also have public trams.

Still, Montreal is the best and the beast

Author — Keshav Anand


I love this city, even though I've never been there. Hopefully gonna be in Montreal in a couple of years!

Author — Dmitriy Sergienko


I know that there is a lot of traffic there. I have been to Montreal Canada along time ago. I loved it there. I think that it is a very beautiful city 😍. I didn't drive when I was there. Bus, and Subway trips. Or walking of course. Thank You for posting this 👍. It brought back a lot of great memories.

Author — Snake99


I Loved video, I miss Montreal Canada!

Author — Anny Cambridgy


so much of traffic indiscipline over the roads there

Author — Queenie Mars


Never been to Montreal...But it's my favorite Canadian city...One day I will visit it...

Author — Waverley C.


OH! Beautiful Montreal! I relocated here and have such a love for this city. I have lived and traveled all around the USA and love some of the places I have been, but nothing is like Montreal. I have created a channel for Montreal called Brandy Lynn: Montreal and Beyond. This channel is great for anyone wanting to visit or move to Montreal or a local who just wants to rediscover a love for their city. Check it out. I always follow back.

Author — Brandy Lynn Montreal and Beyond


I lived there for 7 years .... I love Montreal but doesn’t look like in this video, there are many sides of the city dirty and full of homeless, buildings falling down and terrible roads always interrupted by construction....

Author — spartacus790