Souther's Death - Hokuto No Ken

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because the best version of this was deleted, i decided to upload it again

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This cuts deep, anyone that had a father figure that passed away will know the pain.

Author — Mr Sam777


The voice over in this Anime is just on a whole different league! Who's voicing Sother over was sad in reality on that day! What a legend

Author — MajittoKun


That fucking whimper at 2:39 is easily the most heartbreaking part of this entire scene.

Author — Velahtiel Redfang


A profoundly sad scene. Souther was tricked into killing his sensei, by the man himself, because it was the only way to become the ruling star of Nanto Shinken. He was broken by the experience and became a ruthless warlord. He killed many innocent people and enslaved children to complete his grand works. Possibly the most remorseless and directly brutal enemy Kenshiro ever faced. And yet they finished as equals, in mutual respect for the abilities of one another. There were no snappy one liners or ironic last words - Kenshiro left Souther to die on his own terms. More than just a battle between men it was the completion of the destiny between Nanto and Hokuto Shinken, something they both realized in those last moments. The later revisions of the show lost something that this scene had.

Author — HH RR


Souther is like Walter White, he may be a demon and you despise him intensely for that but once you learn the reason why he is like that, you can't help but deeply feel bad for him

Author — K E N S H I R O


This anime is so deep that can make me cry, and I'm not a man who cries a lot

Author — Gianluca Merlo



The music is just so much better than the other one, and more touching too!

Author — Edward Gaines


Nanto Hooken only 1 sucessor way broke Souther and made him an physopath.

Kenshiro showing his mercy to an mercyless Guy is something. That Last Stroke killed him but made Souther felt an nostalgic love for one more Last time.

This anime work well the Sadness emotion, showing that Sadness itself is part of life to. And the difference about How each one carry that heavy feeling.

Author — Davi M. Kim


This is the most tragic death of the series for me

Author — Sean Burley


First manga moment that made me cry manly tears.

Author — Shizato


I miss times when two men that speaks about love and compassion were manly

Author — Ігор Кривенчук


He probably would have stopped from the beginning if Ken gave him a hug.

Author — SolarShield


Something worth mentioning: Souther is one of the few opponents that gave Kenshiro a hard time. The only other ones are Raoh and the 3 Rashoo.

Author — Jure Humar


Not sure if he’s still going to hell after his last minute callback redemption.

Author — Anthony Asencio


How Is the soundtrack in this scene called?

Author — Rocco Volpetti


What version of HNK is this from? this scene has different music on CrunchyRoll and theres a ton of other clips I've seen on youtube with way better music choice

Author — Esteban Mares