Combating Meth

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Combating Meth 4.5

Although law enforcement has long been aware of the methamphetamine problem growing in this country, it is only in the last few years that the public has become aware of the extent and severity of the meth epidemic. “Combating Meth”, a 30-minute documentary about the anti-meth awareness campaign waged by the Rural Crime & Justice Center at Minot State University, examines the battle against the growing meth problem in North Dakota.

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Misleading shot when they showed graffiti with a cannabis leaf on does it have to do with the title of the video??

Author — Kadambari T


Our government knows where every person is at every moment through our smart phones yet they can't stop the distribution of meth and heroin but jail people for smoking pot. Look up the GHW Bush indictment our elected officials are profiting from selling drugs and of course the jail system is very profitable too. Who is behind all this Withcraft Satanists the Illuminati check out whistle blower John Todd he defected from Illuminati and became a born again Christian and spilled the beans on what the occult are up to and their many secret societies.

Author — Alan Godden


If people want to destroy themselves, that should be their right. I hate the stuff but it doesn't affect me so I really don't care.

Author — Roger Simpson


With the new president in office the meth and drug problems in the US will only continue to get worse. Open boarders and refunding police will make this a huge problem. So sad for the youth of this country. Stay sober America, the worst is yet to come.

Author — Al Castro