Godot 3 game engine - how to make Tile Map

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I will be showing you how to take a sprite sheet and making a tileset out of it.

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Thanks for this, 100%. I've been watching other tutorials on how to work with tilesets. None of them worked, because they didn't go into enough detail. I stumbled across yours and it actually worked.

Author — Rydia of Mist


Best tutorial I have found on this so far.

Author — Cody Thompson


Is this really how to make tile maps? Or how to import a tile map? I'm so confused, all I see about making timemaps just shows people importing already created products.

Author — Brian Wilson


My god it was so easy, where did you learn it, is it in the documentation ?

Author — Prateek Gurjar


This is one way of doing it, in my experience this is less efficient.

Author — SqualidsargeStudios


Hey, I did all of this and it worked great. But when I load the game it looks really blurry, like the filter is still on it, I go to the texture and check the flags and it says that the filter is off, but when I load the game it has the filter? any ideas on how to fix this would be much appreciated. thanks alot for making this :D

Author — Jarrett Thrasher


hey can you do a video on making 3D tile maps

Author — the card game designer


It is strange how over complicated it is to do tilemaps in Godot oO Really select all your tiles by hand?! That is really unconvinient and more Work than needed. Hope they will get some kind of autotile creation based on the grid in future updates. But tiled map editor has a very good Godot plugin were you can just imput the .tmx file into Godot and use it also with pre defined redgid bodies^^

Author — LetsGameDev


it's like they went out of their way to make the software clunky and difficult to use, I'll look for an add-on

Author — MR K


thx for sharing this tip & trick :)

Author — • Leedoriden •


it's not Godot or Go-Dot; it's just Godot. If you hear people saying it wrong, you should correct them instead of encouraging them. If people want to understand the name, they should look up _Waiting For Godot._ It's also where the tagline originates; _The Game Engine You've Been _*_Waiting For_*

Author — david esktorp