Karen Stamper - Naples sketchbook

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My sketchbook from Naples with Urban Sketchers June 2014

If you would like to try inspirational and inventive lessons for mixed media sketchbooks. I have three online mixed media courses for you to complete in your own time, and keep for a lifetime.

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I absolutely LOVE this sketchbook !! What you did in it is astonishing. I discovered your work through the Sketchbook Revival of Karen Abend. I think you are very creative and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your work. ;¬)

Author — Luce Laliberté


AweSOME! Love Louis Prima - haven't heard that one since I was about 10 and my big sister gave me an old 45 to play. (& your art is wonderful, too.)

Author — Bonnie Kuhn


This sketchbook is so inspiring! I love your approach to capturing the moment. Thank you for sharing!

Author — Sarah Burns Studio


Oh my goodness!! This is amazingly great!! And love the music with the video!!

Author — j c


Wonderfully creative and so fun to look through - very talented!! Wish you would do more.

Author — mary w


Nice pictures and I love Louie Prima. 😊❤️

Author — Marilyn Burke


I love your sketchbooks but this one is just wonderful, thanks for sharing via video. great work.

Author — BM Videomedia