Kids Screamed as Mom Drove Van into Ocean, Rescuers Say | Nightline | ABC News

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Kids Screamed as Mom Drove Van into Ocean, Rescuers Say | Nightline | ABC News 5
A pregnant mother of 3 drives directly into the Atlantic ocean as one child dangles of of the window yelling "help us." Bystanders who rushed to save three kids from the sinking minivan detail the harrowing moments.

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A man who helped pull three children from a sinking minivan said he tried to stop the mother from driving the vehicle in the into rough surf on a Florida beach, but she suddenly veered away and plowed into the water.

Stacy Robinson, a sophomore at Seminole State College in Sanford, Fla., said he and his girlfriend were sitting in their car at the beach in Daytona Beach, Fla., when they saw a woman, who police have identified as Ebony Wilkerson, 32, from Cross, S.C., driving a minivan partly in the rough surf.

"[My girlfriend] said what I thought was a joke and [I] was like, 'No, this is real', because after that her son came out the window, probably about waist high, screaming for help," Robinson said.

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why is no one talking about the fact that her sister tried to warn everyone about her mental health and tried to stop her from driving

Автор — IAmSophiaaMSP


Everyone is saying HER mental health, HER HER HER. I get if she was depressed and suicidal but there was no reason for her to drag her kids with her. Those kids were fine and happy.

Автор — Sexy


She's not getting those kids back any time soon, if ever

Автор — Raven Fox


Guy: saves kids

Other guy: **grabs camera** hmm, yes. *content*

Автор — Taco


Well She’s Going To Have A Good Vacation, IN PRISON

Автор — 3⃣


I will never understand why people when they commit suicide take their children with them.

Автор — Detroitboy1975


I love how everyone is sitting here saying that she doesnt deserve to get punished for this because shes mentally I'll. Do you think that people who shot up schools and attempted to kill people were in a good state of mind? No. They weren't. Yet they ALL get the punishment they deserve. Being mentally ill is NOT an excuse for your or other peoples actions. She deserves to be in jail and out of society because she is a danger to herself and her children and to everyone around her. I hope if she did go to jail she gets professional help.

Автор — Lily DUW


"What would you do?"

Jhon Quinones: *T H A T S M Y L I N E*

Автор — B-Par


She deserves five attempted counts of murder and child abuse

Автор — All About Asel


This is why not everyone should be allowed to have children

Автор — Dream State Films


Me: oh a female

Two seconds later:

Автор — Bat Man


Did the woman in the car just say to him “You sit still?” at 0:43?? I hope she was talking to another person and not him. If she was talking to him, I’m glad he didn’t listen to her and went to save the children.

Автор — Sarah


“You sit still”

Автор — A.C animations


When the rescuers thinks its over but there is a third kid

Rescuers: ah shit, here we go again

Автор — Cronx D


If that was a man he would of got arrested immediately...

Автор — RED OPPS


God bless these children and All of these people who were involved in their rescue are HERO'S. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Автор — Debbie Jones


I just can’t believe someone would kill there children and imagine the fear these children and trauma they have this mother could have gave her kids mental illness now like anxiety and clinical depression

Автор — Liana Samson


The wife in the car said “WILL YOU JUST STAY IN THE CAR” they could have died if the husband didnt go

Автор — aidan myers


That mom should not be a mom she was trying to kill her kids I won’t even say she is a mom she should know better

Автор — Lisa Ryan


This is horrible! Why did she try to kill them! She decided to have them!

Автор — Dannyredninja