Russia: Local election results a major setback for Vladimir Putin

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Russia: Local election results a major setback for Vladimir Putin 4
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A major setback for Vladimir Putin in Russia's capital. Pro Kremlin politicians have lost a third of the seats in the city council : SOUNDBITE (Russian) Ella Pamfilova, Head of Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation:"the elections for the Moscow City Duma were given special attention" //We believe that 25 seats were won by representatives who were backed by United Russia. A disappointing score for the ruling party and it's allies who previously occupied 38 out of 45 seats. Local elections are usually a small affair in Russia.. but they came to the forefront when authorities banned several opposition candidates from running... Thousands of people protested throughout the summer against the move.. It became the largest and longest anti Putin movement since 2013. Galvanized by public anger, opposition figure Alexei Nalvany encouraged tactical voting in the municipal vote. Telling his supporters to pick anyone but Putin-backed politicians. 9. (SOUNDBITE) (Russian) RUSSIAN OPPOSITION LEADER, ALEXEI NAVALNY, SAYING:"In general we can say that the 'tactical vote' worked and, it worked much better than we had expected. United Russia also suffered in the polls due to Putin's controversial decision to raise the reitrement age.Despite his setback in Moscow, the President remains popular in the rest of the country... The next major test for the Kremlin and its detractors is set for 2021 -- Russia's parlimentary elections.

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Putin is on his way out. He should just resign now.

Author — Gerald O'Hare


WHY would Russia ban any opposition candidates to Putin? Its not like anyone going against him has any chance. Putin should just let them run, & laugh as they fail.

Author — 2MauiAngels


Thw Turnout was around 20% and Putin still won so this election doesnt really matter in the grand scheme of things...The Anti Putin Opposition like to focuse on these local elections because they can use them to make themsevls seem bigger then they actually are...

Author — Command_Unit


Vladimir Putin is a dictator in russia that jails and kills opposition in russia.

Author — Randall Bermudez


Yeah like Putin can't overcome setbacks!!

Author — Emmitt Abramoff


It’s Trumps fault, he interfered with the Election with Comey and Brennan.

Author — We The People


Putin is a leader I respect.
I would like to say from Ireland.

Author — ystre hggui


Putin is a great Leader and everyone must respect him

Author — Nisha B Naik


VALDIMIR PUTIN the murdering DICTATOR who is RESPONSIBLE of the MH17 PASSENGER aircraft downing, is upset because Russian CITIZENS are protesting POOR BOY 😂😂🤣🤣

Author — Wally Wally