WATCH: Police incompetence exposed, prompting #MyPoliceStation

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WATCH: Police incompetence exposed, prompting #MyPoliceStation 4
This week News24 shares a recap of South Africa's widely viewed police fails captured by citizens on camera. Watch

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absolute morons case in effect of hiring by colour and not merit pathetic incompetence

Author — MRTiGzoruA


Most South African police are so unprofessional arrogant, rude, violent bad communication, bad attitude, bully and incompetent, no respect for life ! I think the training from top and how they select or employ these useless police officers is the problem? I know there are good and professional police too but the majority are shameless

Author — Thabani Maloba Ncube


Am i the only person who heard the all knowing ghost whisper #mypolicestation to the minister?? HAHA!

Author — Chris kleinhaus


This one is a joke, just like his so called police force, thanks for the laugh, Hahaha

Author — vanessa Mostert


300+ Generals, gotta be a joke. O wait, no it is real.

Author — Gerald Fourie


Is that a throne or chair — it look realy weird!

Author — Ald Granma


Hide a cam somewhere..he's probably going to be the next one caught napping

Author — Sandor Clegane


Mina I have had a one on one with this female officer from Buccleuch, she has zero respect for serving people first, she actually was offered cold drink in everyones presence

Author — djhihats2020


sitting like a father talking to his/ her childrens, not well trained

Author — Khazamula Louis


Lolol .... (sleeping policeman commentary). “It must be witchcraft”. 😂😂

Author — The Centurion


it's called democracy- 'do what you like, when you want to'- ANC.

Author — DereckJ tbear64


Typical 😁

Why be surprised, when the police force is determined to employ only 1 race.

This will be an ongoing circus.

Welcome to... BANANA REPUBLIC 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

Author — Amina bakir


Hope the EFF, BLF and ANC as well as the rest of the land grabbers have a look at this. Blacks are lazy and screws up everything.

Author — Sonja Le Roux


We are not snitching on the cops that know where we stay . Hell no

Author — Clive Nyathi


Did he get that chair from the set of Alice in wonderland

Author — Peter O


When are you exposing competent police?

Author — Sandile Khendle


You have a photo pin it up in all the police stations and give a reward to find out who!

Author — Lady-Lynn


Fikelele - will they be dismissed or just another bagage on the taxpayers-SA is becoming a joke

Author — Mohamed Ismail


Wow and we have to look up to Where is our protection when we need it the

Author — y z


Blah blah blah #blah blah blah. That's all I heard.

Author — Nick De Bruyn