Canada IMP Menu #17 | Canadian Individual Meal Pack MRE Taste Test

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Canada IMP Menu #17 | Canadian Individual Meal Pack MRE Taste Test 5

Having another taste of a Canadian IMP or Individual Meal Pack on tonight's Combat Ration Taste Test. Thanks Paul for sending me this ration and for making this episode possible. :) New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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Idk if it's just me or watching stuff like this smooths me

Author — Lilly Woozworld


This is so far the best mre meal I've seen. I think soldiers out on field definitely deserve to get something like this.

Author — Monica Marie


Food Network needs to give you your own show Emmy. You are really good at doing these. That bread though....You could use it as a weapon. 😜

Author — Donna G


Always so polite and not overreacting like some other youtubers out there. Hehe. Love you Emmi-chan.

Author — Lala16ss


For me.. as a guy that is allergic to peanuts.. I'd be jumping up and down if i saw an Almond Snickers bar in my ration pack.. it would be worth its weight in gold...!

Author — K Prince


Mary had a little lamb.
Than we ate it.
The end.

Author — Herbert


"I'm just gonna.... knead that up a little, so we can... reincorporate any oils that have separated" Classic, thorough, intelligent, thoughtful, adorable Emmy. One of a kind.

Author — ipoundstuff


Youre the only YouTuber who doesn't bust my ear drum and can turn my volume all the way up too

Author — Malyssa Covington


Your eyeliner in this video is on fleek!

Author — Tatiana Lekka


We would get yelled at if we ate the heels of the bread because my mom loved them

Author — gothicanimegirl44


The beef tasted "gamey" cos it was lamb. LOL That's what the pack said, no?

Author — The Euro Cooking Canuk


I like how you did your eyeliner, Emmy. Looks pretty.

Author — Range Ryder


As soon as I saw the juice powder turn blue I too had the same reaction as Emmy 😂

Author — ChuppyDuh


Am I the only one who thought that applesauce looked like gravy? lol 😁😅

Author — Aaron Quick


anything not made in front of me always leaves me doubting its contents

Author — Mr Not That Famous


Almond snickers bar is soooo good!! I love it better just because I'm allergic to peanuts. So I will never understand the deliciousness of peanuts.

Author — Chattermute


5 minutes ago? the last time I was this early... Donald trump was very respected

Author — Harin Oh


Am I the only one that actually likes the two crust pieces in a loaf of bread?

Author — Osman C


"The ends of the bread that no one likes"
I love those bread ends ;w; The crust is my favorite part on white breads so the ends have always been the best part to me. I don't see how everyone can just let them go to waste!

Author — Madellyn Harrison


I always liked it when you referred to the Accessory Pack as : Sundries. Kind of adds some sophistication to rations!

Author — Rob Flood