Summer Sessions with Eric Grisham and Friends

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A teenaged skateboarder has a hard time focusing on his studies.

Allen Losi
Bruno Peters
Chris May
Chris Miller
Christian Hosoi
Eric Grisham
Jason Jessee
Jimmy Scott
John Grigley
John Lloyd
Ken Park
Kerry Iwamiura
Lance Mountain
Lester Kasai
Lynn Cooper
Mark Rogowski
Neil Blender
Steve Caballero
Steve Steadham
Tony Hawk

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This video had more of an impact on me than my own father did.

Author — Old Chicago Shows


THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! First skate vid I ever saw, and my introduction to T.S.O.L.!!!

Author — z1u12b


Eric Grisham had the greatest move and watching this i was surprised that the move was not included . the body cheak slam make i seen um do it at del mar ! 
also on the list of skaters camden scott's name isn't their . jimmy Scott . !!! 
that dudes cool . !!! SUBLIME !!!! thanks for posting !!! rad !

Author — mark gonzales


I've been looking for this for years! Thank you for uploading!

Author — Casey Darwin


Awesome!!! This was the first video I was given as a kid in the late 80's. It got stolen and I never thought I'd see it again. Exactly like I remember. Thank you!!!

Author — Bowliosis13


This always was one of the best vids ever. Grisham and Losi are my favorite Varibots.

Author — oldschoolsk8er


thank you for uploading this.I have never seen this video and it is fucking awesome!

Author — backsmith fakie


I liked how his hair kept going from long to short. I also loved the 100, 000 foot plants and sweepers Eric Grisham did haha. And yes this introduced me to TSOL

Author — M Joh


13:31 crystal clear view of the best Groholski Jersey Devil colorway ever.

Author — Tim Conneally


Awesome!! This video sums up my eighties so well, will show it to my kids.

Author — stuart liddle


Must have watched this a Ba-Zilion times back in the day.!! T.S.O.L - Joe Wood. LEGENDARY.

Author — C “CJ” Jay


I used to rent this from West Coast Video in Pennsylvania every weekend when I was 7. When the video store closed down, I bought their copy.This week I dug it up and took it to a VHS->DVD conversion service.  I hadn't seen it in over 20 years.  I just got it back and while uploading it to youtube, *this* version of it finally shows up in my search results!  Hilarious timing! So great to see it here, and to see it again. I'm going to go put on my copy of TSOL "Change Today?"
Thanks for uploading!

Author — rgpietru


Yep I was thinking the same thing. Jeff in that yellow shirt at Tahoe, RIPPING!! Which never made it to the contest video... I always like the way they cut it and the view from the other deck. Then Eric, Tony, Cab, Lester random day at Del Mar all in a Sure Grip video. no worries, just promote skateboarding.

Author — Randyh9


Lmao!I have not seen this video in over 17 years or so.



I was 13 and 1987 was the summer it all started for me. Somehow me and my brother got a copy of this video and we would watch it every morning and then go try to shred the streets in our small town here in Southern Oregon. For whatever reason the cops hated us...Skateboarding is not a crime! How do! TSOL hugely shaped my style of music forever!

Author — Silver Fox


First skate video I ever watched and the reason I ever picked up a board. This video holds a special place in my soul and I can't thank you enough for putting this here as my VHS copy was eaten long before the turn of the century. If you've ever skated one of the boards in this video, then you can really appreciate the real craziness going on here. Still one of my favorites after all these years. This is pure culture right here.

Author — Leather Boots


So sick someone posted this. Neither me or my vid nerd boys could not find a copy of this in the 90s. Wasn't for lack of trying. One of the first two videos I ever owned. I used to watch this and the first Bones flick every single day of 9th grade either before school or before skating. The high school life portrayal seemed identical to our Florida beach town- as my teachers completely gave up on trying to get me to stop bringing my board to school and reading skate mags in class. This flick had to have been to genesis of my primal vibes for Lance Mountain, TSOL and wanting to live in California.

Author — gleeaums


- Um clássico video dos anos 80 totalmente sonorizado ao som de T.S.O.L este eu tenho em VHS Original e assisto muitas vezes.

Author — Gosma Skate


Holy shit...I just went back to like 6th grade. Watch this..skateboard all day

Author — Daniel RN


which kind of powell peralta wheels the guys are using??

Author — paolo chilardi