HOYT TORREX VS VENTUM 30 | $600 Bow vs $1050 Bow | Which One Should You Choose?

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In this video I compare the Torrex and the Ventum 30, and tell you which one I would choose between the two. Don't miss out on the give away. Make sure to comment on the Hoyt Ventum 30 video to be entered. If you are not a subscriber to the channel, make sure to subscribe so I can get in touch with you if you are the lucky winner. Thanks for watching.

VENTUM 30 Specs
Brace Height
Mass Weight
4.6 lbs
HBX Cam System
Draw Lengths
25-28", 28.5-30"
Draw Weights
30-40# , 40-50# , 50-60# , 55-65# , 60-70# , 70-80#

MAP Bow only $599. Bow Package $699
SPEED 327 fps
MASS WEIGHT 3.8 lbs Package weight 5.8lbs
DRAW LENGTH 26-30” Single cam rotating mod
DRAW WEIGHT RANGES 30-40#, 40-50#, 50-60#, 60-70#
Realtree Edge w/black limbs
Black Out
Bone Collector
Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering
Accessory Color: Black Out
Quiver: Maxxis 4-arrow black
Stabilizer: Flex Torch black
Rest Options: QAD Hunter drop-away or whisker biscuit (same as current)
Sight: Fuse ProFire 5-Pin








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💬 Comments

Just got into archery and I bought the Hoyt Torrex, glad I did. I’m just mad why I didn’t get into archery a lot sooner. Thank you for this very informative video.

Author — Alex Magana


All the Hoyt prices jumped a good amount recently and now it all seems overpriced.

Author — Whisker Biscuit


I just got the Torrex today and I love it little heavy when you get it decked out like drop away, sight, quiver, arrows, stabilizers but that's what you'll have when you are hunting with it

Author — Nate Sexton


A better comparison would have been the Torrex XT vs the V30 due to listed speeds and brace height. But thanks for the comparison. Since Hoyt started making machined aluminum riser bows, they have always put out fantastic performing cast riser bows at a good price point for those without the coin: Flashpoint, Raptor Carbonite, Magnatec, Rampage, etc.

Author — jeff b


The Torrex XT is a good middle ground compromise that will make up some of the speed difference, comes with roller guides and is a bit smoother, but still save some cabbage over the Ventum 30 for better accessories like a Hamskea rest and nice sight of choice. The only real advantage the Ventum offers, in my opinion, is the ability to step up to 70-80# draw weight for those that want that extra speed or shoot a heavier arrow.

Author — Rifle River Productions


Liking the strings that come with the Hoyt’s . Hoyts are more forgiving ? Easier to tune is what I heard and more forgiving bows with stress tested limbs . Heck I ll shoot any bow . The one bow I really like and dont see for sale anymore used is the 2008 marquis diamond bowtech is fricken amazing . It’s kind of long and has one wide limb but she is so smooth like butter.

Author — Hungry Bird


I had the Powwrmax (pre-torrex Torrex), and I sold it for a Helix because it was a “starter bow”… I regretted the decision instantly.

Author — Angel Custodio


Nice video! Glad that I'm not the only that felt the draw cycle being better in the Torrex.

I started to get into archery back in sep 2020 and after spending 3-4 hrs shooting different bows the Hoyt Torrex came into the top of my options ( all bows i tried out were $800 or less).

I tried the new Ventum 33 yesterday since I wanted to "upgrade" my bow, but I did feel my Torrex has a smoother draw cycle. The hand shock does feel better in the ventum. But only when shooting my Torrex w no stabilizers. Once i put back my stabilizers in my Torrex the hand shock is gone.

The ventum has much better feeling in terms or construction and the wall is way firmer, but Right now, i having a hard time justifying the extra money. I heard the ventum 30 feels better than the 30, so I'll try it out next week.

Author — Carlos Mohedano


It’s hard to justify the extra cost. Comes down to what you want I think. Both will out shoot the average person.

Author — levi wierenga


Been waiting on this one! I bought the Torrex as my first compound and it’s been a great bow, I’ll eventually make the jump to a flagship bow! Thanks for listening to viewers requests, best archery/outdoor channel on YouTube!

Author — Kyle Yoho


I bought one a few days ago. It's a beast little bow the 70lb drawl weight is smooth asf

Author — Nick Miller


Does your arrow weight include the field point and insert?

Author — Mikey H


I’m completely new to compound bows and I bought a Hoyt Ventum 30 I thought all bows cost around 1grand so I bought it and now I’m seeing reviews of people saying it’s one of the best I still can’t believe I bought the ventum 30 as my first bow

Author — Arcttic Waffles


I just bought the ventum 30 last weekend I love it so far it is worth every penny to me! Thanks for the video keep them coming!

Author — Zack G


Good review 👍there is one thing I disagree this bow maybe slightly cheaper than ventum but is as good as ventum and I would not say is entry level bow ( torrex xt )just because the price tag is not over 1 k . The Hoyt Klash is entry level bow end probably better than many Poe the price. Would be nice if you do a review or the Hoyt torrex, torrex xt and ventum in range at 30. 40 .50 60 yards .but for a speed I would compare torrex xt and ventum I’m sure that in a range or hunting situation would not be any different

Author — Rex Mix


Very good honest review & comparison. Thank you.

Author — Guardian Minifarm


Bows excite me . What can I say ? It s a good feeling to pick up a bow and know u can hot a plate @60 yards hardly concentrating . I shoot tighter first 5 shots then not as good 😖

Author — Hungry Bird


My Torrex XT shoots way better than the RX4 Alpha I had last year, and half the price.

Author — CIMO13


Idk if its my ability or how good the torrex is, but last week I bought my first compound. Went in and spent around $1000 for a torrex and some great add-ons. Ive been shooting nearly everyday until my shoulder gives out. Yesterday I was shooting around 2 inches at 60yards and roughly the same at 50. At 30 and 40 yards im just over an inch, and 20 is near same hole. Ive always been a recurve guy, so im wondering if that has conditioned me to shoot compounds really good for a beginner? Im not sure, but its been incredibly fun and I cant wait for this season.

Author — Valkyr_RL


Thanks heaps for doing speed test at a short drawlength every video is on 29 or 30.👌

Author — Robert Miller