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Hey Guys, here is episode 7 of my Eastern EuroTrip Roadtrip series. In this video we show you how cheap it is to travel in Ukraine! Thank you for watching #VLOG 91! As always leave me a comment with your thoughts of this video. Cheers, Nick :)



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Of course it's only cheap for tourists. Not cheap if you live and work there

Author — digitalmediafan


I'm from Ukraine, and yes, it is a very cheap country, but the average wage is also very low in comparison to the u.s. one.

Author — Alucard


I just back from Ukraine. Everything is super super super cheap. People are so nice and friendly. I really love the way I'm from Taiwan.

Author — Jay


*То чувство, когда ты живёшь в Украине.))*

Author — Valeri Kozlenko


I went to L'viv in 2016 expecting to see a depressing rundown place (after all the bad news that we hear about Ukraine)... And found a surprisingly charming and enjoyable city with really cheerful people instead!
Being from Spain, I've travelled around most of Europe, and seriously L'viv was one of the most positive surprises that any city ever gave me. Looking forward to going back!!
If any of you reading this ever has the chance of going there, please do so, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Beautiful urban landscape, super cheap prices, lots of interesting things to see and do, no tourist overcrowding, and 100% safe.

Author — osasunaitor


Just compare average salary in US and in Ukraine and you will understand that these prices are not so low for locals

Author — Ум и Рай


4:50 its not a beer, its a KVAS slavic traditional fizzy drink, realy tasty!

Author — Bad guy 777


Not cheap for the locals mate ;-) Be sensitive to this!

Author — Lucky Loozerz


Food is cheap and fake clothes maybe also, But people make$ 100-200 a month. Cars, electronics and original clothes are more expensive than in USA.

Author — Igor G


Ok Dude Kvas is “pop”, or a “soft drink”!

Author — Rama Shtovba LDS


It's not cheap for people who live and work in Ukraine

Author — Kyril J


That 38 cent coffee must have been mad strong because your hand was shaking for the rest of the day!

Author — Josh R


Average salary here in Ukraine - about 180$. Many people are poor here;)
Im from Kharkov, Ukraine.

Author — AppleTheme


4:00 kids sing about religion thing - Jesus reborn and so on.
BTW wages in Ukraine is not as high as in western Europe, but utilities is not high too. For 2 bedrooms flat Something like 1000+ hryvnas (40$) in summer and 2500-3000 hryvnas (100$) in winter for us (heating, electricity, water, phones, internet (100 hryvnas 50 Mbps) and so on). For my family it`s ok, our income is more than 25 000 hryvnas (1000$) per month. My mom`s pension is 3 300 hryvnas, she lives apart, and government gives her subsidy so she can decrease the bills.

Author — Справжній Одесит


Why am I still in the States?! Europe seems nice overall.

Author — Christiano X


The average wage in Lviv is less than $400 monthly

Author — Niech żyje Polska


8:33 breaking bad picture on the wall! :)

Author — Just-in Time


Ukraine isn't cheap for the native inhabitants. To be honest, for most of us is really expensive.

Author — annushka


I am an American guy who lives in Ukraine. Great job on this video! I can vouch for the accuracy of all the things you’re talking about. There is a warmth and kindness to be Ukrainian people obviously you understand, Because you come across as a gracious and decent person as well.

Author — kevinsbott


Its Chernobyl prices.. everything must go .. sry couldn't resist..but yeah when people's general income in there, are that low, those prices aren't really a surprise !!!!

Author — The renaissance man