Marlon Mack 2019 Colts Highlights

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Marlon Mack's 2019 Stats (14 Games)
- 1,091 Rushing Yards
- 8 Rushing Touchdowns
- 4.4 YPC
- 14 Receptions
- 82 Receiving Yards

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The most underrated Running Back in the NFL hands down 🙅🏽‍♂️😤

Author — FittyWrap!


Best colts YouTuber and it’s not close

Author — Brendon Keen


Should have just called this the Marlon Mack/Quenton Nelson highlights, Mack sure does like to follow Q and you can't blame him.

Author — mrgiannopolis


I know everyone is on here talking about Mack and Q, but Ryan Kelly was showing out throughout this entire video. He can get to the second level so quick.

Author — Stephen Kitchen


Great video. Pascal is such a good blocker for a WR.

Author — Jonathan Salguero


Thank for the video Collin! With all the big runs Mack had last season, this had to be a fun process!

Author — Lawrence Owen


Most underrated back in the league imo. Great vid as always Collin.

Author — Navy Crue


Can we talk about how Big Q is always there to pick him up at the end of each play!

Author — Moises Sanabria


Marlon Mack is a top 10 back in the league I’ve loved him since he was drafted lol. This video also shows just how good our TEs and WRs do blocking in the run game I mean MOAC Doyle and Pascal are out there straight pancaking people and TY and Parris aren’t horrible for their frames either

Author — Zach Miller


I sense a big season for Mack next season

Author — Juhquan Sturdivant


Nelson a steamroller but Mack and juke like crazy. This team with 2 amazing RB's now with Taylor as well will be awesome.

Author — Joe Schmoe


My favorite thing about this video is how Nelson is always right next to Mack to pick him up after every play

Author — mundabi


Imagine watching anyone else's Colts highlight videos

Author — rwjehs


Thanks for your work my friend. It sure helps get past this quarentine! Marlon is a beast, so underrated!

Author — Vinícius Diger


Man, i love this channel. You're amazing!

Author — Arthur Shurman


1400 yards if he can stay healthy next season!

Author — Keyon Works


Is this the Marlon Mack Highlight Reel or the Quenton Nelson Highlight Reel? Jeeeesus. Q stands out so much

Author — Eric Richardson


13:45 check out that block from Pascal.. This man stepped up BIG time this year. Expecting a bigger step this year

Author — Alpha Wolf


How much do you think Mack asks for after this year? I hope we get to ink him but thats a position GMS arent spending crazy at. Love the vid btw

Author — Orlando Munoz


Great song choice towards the end. Return of the MACK!!

Author — 2 Park