Motorola Moto Z3 Play - Hands On Review

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Motorola Moto Z3 Play - Hands On Review 4.5
Motorola’s latest phone is the mid-range Moto Z3 Play. It costs $500, so why wouldn’t you just get the OnePlus 6? The answer isn’t so simple. There’s a lot to like here, and the phone comes with a
battery mod that extends its life to two days.



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The projector mod is one of the coolest things I have ever seen and no one ever talks about it. I don't get it?

Author — Shawn Snow


??"there is nothing special about it..." says the reviewer, except that the Z is the most versatile smartphone available...biggest/loudest speakers, biggest screen(70 inch projection), biggest battery, wireless charging, unlimited customization with style shells...BRAVO Motorola. Keep it up.

Author — Kiki LaRue


I'd like for them to include headphones and also to make sure they add another speaker on the phone

Author — Tech Is Life


I just dropped my phone in the dogs water bowl and it was totally submerged in water, grabbed it out quick wiped it off while finishing conversation lol

Author — Nancy Green


Love the Z series, but being left handed finding out the fingerprint is on the right is annoying

Author — Miranda All about Granny


When I'm on the phone the screen goes to sleep and it's hard to get it on again to hang up.

Author — Nancy Green


2:50 or better yet have a harass Bluetooth speaker already

Author — mikeyb byekim


WOW, so many mods, these are what they want to sell. Hahaha!

Author — Beego Howto


Nice Video, I have a question, I have a Z2 play, How do I take a picture of - say a text message that somebody sent me - I don't need the whole text - just that portion - Can you help?

Author — paul d'souza


How do you restore the phones speaker... It started out loud then went low all of a sudden...

Author — Johanna Roberson


Here in France you can find a Moto Z2 Play for around 200€, and I even paid mine 189€ during the sales, so the Z3 is really overpriced in comparison with a few disadvantages like the lack of headphone Jack and the weird emplacement of the fingerprint sensor. I don't think that it's going to have a great success unless the price falls down...

Author — Vincent PX


I recently bought this phone..(on sale $379 brand new online I'm happy with it just have an issue maybe u can help screen seems to sleep every 2 seconds if I'm not touching the screen, how can I stop it from doing that if I have the display sleep inactivity set to 2 minutes?

Author — deldan1909


Now test the bluetooth while playing an online mobile game. Is the delay still a whopping 1.4 seconds with even a decent headset. Fix that n we'll talk

Author — Robo Jimbo


I owned Moto Z Play and Moto Z3 Play, I 'm still not over with Moto Z play, ended up giving Z3 Play to my cousin.

Author — Jackey Niraula


I got my Moto X4 for 260$ this year, very happy and I would have picked up Z3 PLAY for 300-350$, not more though, sorry Motorola

Author — TheRussianLondoner


You should have tried to change the volume after you added the mod and place it on the table.

My ran into a boot loop all the time, b/c it is literally sitting on the power button, which you accidentally push while changing volume.

Stupid design fail, I sent mine back, while being left with my Moto Z Play #smh


Author — Christian Roth


What's the big deal with know headphone jack I'm doing pretty good with the adapter with my Moto Z force it plays music just fine...

Author — Reggie Vanness


I wish Motorola would bring back the Moto maker. I missed MOTO MAKER. I loved Motorola when Google bought it. I love the first Moto x. Mine was beautiful. It was blush pink with purple dial accents with a white front. I loved how it was unique and doesn't look like all the others. When I had the first Moto x. I would speak " ok Google now" and it would respond to anything I ask it thereafter without having to hold, touch or unlock the phone. Super convenient. Great for hands free driving. Changing the baby's diaper and other situations where I was not able to physically hold the phone. I have the new Moto x now and do not like it as much. Lenovo ruined it. The camera sucks in low light and the focus is awful. Something I need as an online seller. The unlock screen it's gimmicky, hard to unlock sometimes. I love it is unlocked, removable SIM card and aux. The speaker does suck. I wish they had the bamboo back. I missed the train and didn't get the Moto x 2. Also noticed the chop function to turn on the camera is slow and not as great as the first photo. All other shortcut function are slow. I can't get my Bluetooth to connect to my vehicle.

Author — Lilly Lopez


As of today (Aug 2019) the 64 GB is $300 including the battery pack mod. 32 GB only $200 with no mods. Tempting.

Author — ChengManChing


does it have double integrated speakers or only mono?

Author — Azamat Qanatuly