Italy continues to face greatest coronavirus challenge

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Italy continues to face greatest coronavirus challenge 4.5
More people are dying of coronavirus in Italy than anywhere else on earth, but there is a gleam of good news. The rate of infection is slowing, and the number of deaths over the weekend dropped quite sharply. Elizabeth Palmer reports from London on the state of the outbreak in Europe.

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Praying from Pakistan for Italians and Iranians people safety.

Author — Aqeel Qureshi


Hoping the best for Italy🇮🇹 from Turkey🇹🇷

Author — Video Potion


I dont trust china’s death toll.. italy is showing us the real deal.

Author — Kri Jow


Stay home everyone it’s common sense, my generation is just out there partying and not taking it serious. We have to fight this together if we want to overcome it.

Author — abelokos14


God bless those Doctors and Nurses trying to to save our lives

Author — Taco Taco


Didn't Italy have the worst amount of deaths this past weekend? One day had 800 deaths alone.

Author — Steve Lolz


America prayers to Italy. God bless them please.

Author — Genius1107


I’m waiting for countries to lawyer up and sue the Chinese government for either a bio weapon or careless attitude regarding animal meat commerce. They are responsible for killing people

Author — Andres Chinea


Britain ...i did not expect this foolishness from you!! I thought you were better than this. 😑

Author — abha shukla


I am so sad that this is happening in the world. 😭
Godbless Europe esp.Italy.
and everyone affected by this virus.🙏
I hope this pandemic will end Now in Jesus'name Amen.🙏
prayer from the Philippines🇵🇭

Author — Dionel Baleros


I hope it will slow down.
Love from Nepal.
God bless all Italians.
I am sorry to know this.🇳🇵🇳🇵

Author — Dur ga


Prayers for Italy and the rest of the nations affected by COVID-19.

from the Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

Author — Karagdagang Impormasyon


So sad that l will pray for ltaly.
May Allaah have mercy on him
May Allah protect them I am from Pakistan I love u

Author — shams ali


Infection is slowing down and the death is dropping? Sounds like good news to me!

Author — Furricane Ookamikaze


I pray for those who lost their love’s one this year🙏🏼 They’re in a better place.

Author — Kate G


A parade for these heroes after this is over..

Author — Zach Mariano


Pakistan 🇵🇰 prayer for whole world safety on the HOLY NIGHT OF MIRAJ UN NABI PEACE BE UPON HIM

Author — Umerfarooq khan


It’s not about how you fight in wars but how you end them.

Author — Anthony Campos


Indonesian pray for italy. 💕🙏 Get well soon.

Author — Andre C


The prime minister looks like a knock off version of trump

R.I.P everyone that died to this pandemic

Author — Datboitre