My Arbonne Experience - How I lost £800 in 4 months

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

This is my personal experience of being part of the MLM Arbonne. I also have no hard feelings for any of the people I knew through Arbonne, I'm simply making this video to inform people what it's like to actually be in an MLM.

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gurlll!!! same they've messaged me and asking me to join and I agreed but good thing I did some research bc this video saved me!!!! I was going to have a Zoom meeting today at 5pm! I'm honestly so grateful you've made this video!!! xxx

Author — aya fetah


Good for you. It takes a lot to admit when you’ve been scammed!

Author — G Clark


I literally joined today 😬 wanna run for the hills now, thank you for being so honest & open about your experience!

Author — Tayna-Demoi


good for you girl! someone tried sucking me into arbonne once upon a time & the anti mlm community saved me. keep speaking up! xo

Author — Andreana


Aside from all the lost money, MLMs destroy so many friendships. I’m avoiding a friend who got into an essential oil company. Watching this because a different friend has been sending me messages about Arbonne 🙄. Thank you so much for posting.😘

Author — Paige


This is exactly what’s just happened to me, and I was so embarrassed! I only bought one thing and left after a few days but I still feel so gross and betrayed. I’m a struggling dancer and I was desperate for any opportunity to make money and move to London to find dance work so I signed up without researching first. Thank you so much for this video you’ve made me feel like I’m not alone, this whole company is morally corrupt!! I feel like this needs to be taught in schools or just talked about because it’s so easy for us to be sucked in online. They love to say “the ones that fail don’t work hard enough” but it’s literally impossible for every consultant to succeed and they know that!!! That’s what makes it so scummy. I really hope these girls come to their senses soon and arbonne goes bust. Thanks again I’m so glad I found your channel! X

Author — Holly Jones


Glad you’re out. MLMs are hot rotting garbage.

Author — LBCGriffin


Got asked to join Arbonne today and they shared me a video of one of their ambassadors promoting it and I saw your video was underneath so I watched yours too. I was pretty sceptical and wasnt going to do it but I'm so glad I watched this video as it made me 100% sure to say no. Thank you so much and well done for speaking out 💕

Author — Daisy May Blackall


I just want to say THANK YOU for this! I've been messaged by like 5 separate girls trying to get me join Arbonne but something felt 'off'. This has confirmed that for me! Good for you for being honest- you go girl! xx

Author — Megan Henry


A socially distant high five for you for getting out. It sucks this happened to you at all but thank goodness you’re free!

Author — Kate-Emma Murray


Part of the power of the pyramid is the shame that people feel when they realize that they’ve been scammed. Silence is the enemy. Talking, and sharing are powerful.

Author — Jay Larsen


Well done for a) seeing the light and b) being brave enough to admit you were scammed. Sadly, I've had people on my Facebook friend list who got into MLMs, and actually became rather nasty when I tried to warn them about the dangers. The trouble is that MLMs are run a bit like cults. People are roped into them by friends (or even family) who then fill their heads with nonsense about how great it is and how they can make loads of money from home. But the truth is that the recruits end up becoming the customers - because they're encouraged by their uplines to keep buying the products to build up their kit. Plus the sneaky MLMs frequently discontinue certain lines, so the recruits feel like they have no option but to buy the new stuff for their demonstrations. Often, the recruits only realise this when they see they've ended up with a garage filled with boxes of stuff that they can't sell.

Author — ProofreadEnglish


I've got a friend on Facebook who's CONSTANTLY pushing Arbonne. I looked into it and the first thing I noticed is that they all say the same things/jargon such as; "don't trade your time for money", "you're never really free", "I used to hate Arbonne...", "Arbonne changed my life" etc. It's clear how they operate: guilt trip the listener into thinking they NEED Arbonne and that their life is shit now. It's damn ugly.

Author — Alex Kennedy


Omg I was about to join Arbonne but I had the feeling that something’s wrong so I came to youtube because I knew I’d find some true reviews 😂 thanks girl!

Author — Ada Vitega


Hey Charlotte. I’m also an ex cruise ship dancer and performer. I’ve been considering doing arbonne for a very long time, your video has validated EVERYTHING. Thankyou 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Author — Kye Mossman


You are too nice. They manipulated you: they have scripts, they only had one use for you and that is the sad reality. I’m so sorry this happened to you, but I’m glad you got out. I heard you say you are a performer- me too. Hope you are doing okay during this whole virus situation. It’s been pretty devastating for our industry. But we’ll get there. Good on ya for making this vid 🙏🏼🔥❤️

Author — Emma McNeil Cowie


Thanks for this. I've been inundated by girls messaging me from Arbonne. I'm a qualified nutritionist and although the ingredients in their products are ok it's way too expensive and like you say things like 30 day diets are not good. You have the best view on your health and diet which is just to eat well. @katiefitbrit x

Author — Katie katiefitbrit


So proud of you - it can be difficult to admit when you’re in deep, but you’re very strong to have come through and speak about it like this. 💪🏻

Author — Jack Dickerson


You are adorable!! I’m so sorry you went through this, but thank you for sharing your story!! The predatory nature of MLMs is something else!😡

Author — Danielle Taliento


All 169 thumbs down are Arbonne sellers and still have their rose colored glasses on. 😂