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Korean media is the gift that just keeps on giving with this battle royale style, gritty satire absolutely dominating on the platform right now, with it being in the top 10 most popular shows on the streaming service in over 22 countries. The series which is a jet black and violent portrayal of humanity is full of twists and turns, brilliant foreboding, easter eggs, hidden details and subtle references that it’s worth giving the show a full rewatch. However, until then we thought it would be best to take a look at the listed items in great detail, putting the show up to the magnifying glass, and finding the secrets hidden in plain sight.

In this video then, we will take a look at 15 things from the show that you may not have noticed on the first time of asking. We will look at all of the foreshadowing in regards to the identity of the game’s true architect (and how the evidence was in front of our eyes the whole time), the subtle imagery that spells out the entire story painted on the wall of the player’s dormitory for all to see, the subtle foreboding of key character’s deaths and how they will die, the visual cues that you may not have initially noticed, the inspiration for both the show and the costume and set design, some familiar faces you may not have noticed and some goofs the show makes just for good measure. Get ready to have your dreams haunted all over again as we reenter “Hell”.

What did you make of this video? Fan of the show? Any of these things shock you? Any we missed? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to the channel today for all this and more.

0:00 Intro
0:46 Oh Il-Nam
1:58 The Games
2:37 Deaths
3:20 Coffin
3:38 456
3:56 Ants
4:31 Staircase
4:58 Jung Ho-Yeon
5:33 Jumpsuits
6:03 Manhwa
6:19 Round 6
6:37 VFX
7:03 Script
7:29 Red Light, Green Light
7:46 Goofs

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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: Justin Freitas @JustinFreitasVO
Edited by: Guillermo A

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Imagine how good it must feel to sit in a script for a decade, and when you FINALLY make it, it's THIS big of a hit.

Author — Kramer Sullivan


You forgot one….when the old man stands on the top bunk says “stop this madness” they immediately ordered the guards to shut it down. That’s where I started to suspect the old man.

Author — Edwin Barnes


The biggest foreshadowing is when the detective goes through the paperwork in the office and opens the book of current players it starts a player 2 not player 1 because he wouldn’t need to put his own file on record

Author — Joe


The card pin number thatGi-Hun steals from his mom is actually his daughter's birthday. He even says "she really loves her" after that.

Author — Ricky Henderson


I feel like Ali Abdul was the perfect representation south asians needed. I'm so used to us being portrayed as the comedic relief in tv shows (the desperate one or the nerdy lame one), so this was so refreshing to see a real relatable person that isn’t just an exaggerated stereotype. I'm sure a lot of desi people felt really attached to him too. His kindness, naivety and work ethic reminded me of my dad and I really felt so close to his character. I sobbed for an hour when he died

Author — Inaya Zubair


I love how they didn’t cut corners by using digital effects. I feel like it truly added to the quality acting! We’ve been so inundated by superhero movies in the west that I almost forgot it existed.

Author — Shelter Two


Another small detail that I’ve not seen posted anywhere online:
In episode 2 when Jun-Ho enters In-Ho’s abandoned apartment, we can see the apartment is small and modeled exactly like the rooms the masked workers sleep in on the island - from desk location, to the bed. This shows that In-Ho more than likely became a worker after winning the games in 2015 and wanted to stay in an apartment modeled after their rooms on the island. He probably then worked his way up to become the Front Man. I also believe he is the first and only Front Man.

Author — J Dot


I think one of the main themes of the show is the fact that there is no winner of Squid Game. If you won the game, you'd either be so traumatized you would not be happy to have won the game (like Gi-Hun is) or you would be deluded into sociopathy in order to deal with what had happened in the game (like the Front Man is, a former winner. He's so sociopathic he decided to become the Front Man of the game and even killed his brother to protect it). This is an allegory for the monetary economy and capitalism. Not only is there no winner and the game is simply entertainment for the elite, but the players are constantly told the fantasy that the winner will have a better life and that the game is "fair." They even kill and hang people who cheated at the game from the ceiling to clearly demonstrate how "fair" the game is. This is a gaslight. Squid Game is not a game at all, it's just a genocide, just abuse. To call it a fair game gives the players the illusion that they have control. They have none. And the only way that the games can function is for the players to willingly participate. I'm proud of the players who realized the truth and voted "X" and the ones who didn't return.

Author — Laurie Guilbeau


One other Oh Il-Nam hint that i haven't seen mentioned is that he stalls the marble game until he is the last team left. That way he can fake getting killed without anyone seeing.

Author — wubbie4


If you’re introducing someone to this show, give as little information as possible. I went in knowing nothing, that first game was an incredible reveal. I can’t believe how much Netflix spoils in the trailers.

Author — Matthew Tedford


Fun fact : When you go to the episode where 001 or Oh il-Nam, is shot, you don't actually hear his body drop after the gun shot, which is where I knew that the old man was much more than just a player.

Author — Ivan Dyer


In episode 1, when the main character takes the money from his mom, he goes to bet on horses to pay off his debt. This was foreshadowing the fact that they were the horses which the VIP's were betting on in the game. The contestants are even numbered instead of named the exact same way the horses are.

Author — Dream Reel


Also, let's not forget that Gi-hun's daughter pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger BEFORE she knew it was a lighter.

Author — MalaxiesTV


Episode 6 broke me. I've never sobbed so hard watching a show before.

Author — Jennifer Ciaccio


There was a foreshadow for player 456 as well. When he returned, he was tied up and player 67 was with him. He swore on his mother's life for player 67 to untie him then broke it. When he won the games, he returned to his mother having passed away.

Author — SetsuYuuki


Hope the second part tells the life story of the front man and how he won the squid game

Author — akhil 20


In the game of marbles, where everyone had a partner player 001 was sitting quietly in a corner as he knew that the number of players are odd and the last one remaining would be set free ( while others thought the last one remaining would be eliminated) but it did not turn into his favor as player 456 chose him. This was the only reason that women who cursed a lot survived.

Author — Ashu sir


I still can’t believe my boy Ali Abdul had his marbles all jacked up 😢 he was winning too

Author — Iss Dustin


One more interesting detail for Il-nam: they already showed us an owl mask in the first or the second episode, but later none of the Vips were wearing it, meaning one of the Vips was absent.

Author — Alex Death


This makes perfect sense because the scene where the soldiers turned off the lights and the contestants were killing each other, the lights only came on and the soldiers came in after 001 said "he was scared" which could have been a code to break up the fighting.

Author — Stewie Vaughan