360°| Freddy Fazbear Compilation!! - Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted [SFM]

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360°| Freddy Fazbear Compilation!! - Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted [SFM] 4.5

This is the 360 version of "[FNAF] Freddy Fazbear Compilation!! - Five Nights at Freddy's", be sure to look around and explore the scenario of the panorama video! Also, subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this one! :D


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This is a 360 panorama video, so don't forget to look around and explore the surroundings. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this one! :)

Author — Blu's Studio


Меня одного пугает голова золотого фредди?
Лайк кто русский

Author — Vезунчик


Me: Literally praying that I there won't be any jump scares

Author — Marie Sonia Louise


me: ooo a kid got eatten by freddy this not scary....intro
me: help TvT

Author — natsuki


Who saw the golden Freddy head on the right and puppet to the left?


Author — Plain Yeti


Who else when they got jumped scared Said ''OH CHRACKER" or was that just me

Author — Sarinah Davis-Daphnis


Who saw the puppet at the left? And who saw Golden Freddy at the right?

Of course me

Edit: the horrific thing at the part when Freddy bite the nightguard's head... Is that when u look behind u... U WILL SEE FREDDY'S HEAD RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU FACE TO FACE LOL

Author — freddy fazboy


Me: *Praying*
Me: *looks at comments so i dont get scared*

Author — Blùë Glîtch


*When you don't have enough money to buy fnaf vr wanted*

Author — lautaro guilazu sanagua


Me: just turning around
Me again: turning behind me oh hi Freddy

Author — *apple_Bløssøm*


“The only thing that will see the light of day are your eyes and teeth”

-phone guy ????

Author — Elf_ ie


Was it just me or did anyone else look at Freddy’s face and see that you could see his endoskeleton and eyes? Just me? OOF

Author — SniperFoxxx


Like si pensaste que te iban a asustar la primera vez

Author — el virus 2151


Yo I almost shat myself when I saw the puppet and golden freddy

Author — FloofDaDood


Estoy viendo esto en cuarentena a las...00:37, me estoy cagando de miedo y creo q no voy a poder dormir
Y como mi dios Auron miedo! >:V

Author — ෆʟᴏʀɪ ғᴇᴇʟɪɴɢsෆ


I love how Freddy is dismantling himself and just stuffing the guard.

Author — Rebecca Nely


Nadie: Yo: *Muriendome del miedo, pero no digo nada because mis broh están al lado y no quiero q me vean como niñita

Author — WillxwCløudz _AJ


Freddy looks weird without hid eyebrows.

Author — Ryan O’s


Me:*turns around*
Me:*sees freddy moving*

Me: i am freddy???

Author — Among us blanco nwn


When no te dan miedo los screamers : este es mi don mi maldición :"v

Author — Frida Paola Silva Rubio