Buses That Can Step Over Traffic - Amazing Gyroscopic Transport Concept

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Buses That Can Step Over Traffic - Amazing Gyroscopic Transport Concept 4.5

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Like the cars below would actually drive in a perfectly straight line to avoid hitting the bus. 😂😂😂

Author — Kevin Herrera


This will cause so many accidents looks cool.. But I guarantee with the drivers we have on the roads today.. I can see the wrecks now.

Author — Tinker Cooper


What if all 3 stands of one side need to raise up simultaneously 😅😅

Author — Messi 10


For the first few seconds I accually thought this was real life... Lol 😂 I was like wtf where about is this

Author — Another victim of the system


Dumb this would be a big traffic hazard. Cars would run into these things

Author — Atwar with361


This looks extremely dangerous for car drivers

Author — Niccolò Bernard


Extra quality of technical people's lives in time

Author — km hussain


2:52 this model would work in my opinion

Author — once onse


We need ambulance service like this!!!for emergency!

Author — hood ks


It could be much better if it didn't touch the ground at all but hanging on rail from above .
Imagine your self driving your car and this thing is coming over you when you are turning... too scary and can cause a lot of accidents.

Author — stamm vvv


Un-successfully Design . More Harmful than uses

Author — Anand Sharma


Other drivers have to consider very well when they drive. This will be caused for many road accidents.

Author — Adhithya Kumarasinghe


What if there are multiple cars on the rail line n so all the legs have to go up

Author — Luiz Montana


I can't wait to see how much damage, carnage and death this thing will be causing in the future.
Start small.
Maybe Nike can make a shoe that does this so all of those San Francisco liberals can evade all of the shit piling up on their

Author — Rare Breed


I just cant see it running this smoothly

Author — Paul Stevens


*normal bus*
Me: that suck!!!!

*Future bus*
Me: ohh

Author — srink gaming


None any insurance can cover the damages repair of that bus :p

Author — Feroz Khan


This is so amazing but there are many disadvantages of this so sorry technology..

Author — Cheese Doggy12


we very need ambulance service!!! For the emergency.... I think it will be better...💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Author — Ahmed Habib


1:37 What if many cars under this giant transportation, will it wait until all cars leave?

Author — ZMK5478