Killed in combat: Al-Nusra militants in chaotic urban warfare in Syria (POV cam footage)

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Killed in combat: Al-Nusra militants in chaotic urban warfare in Syria (POV cam footage) 4.5
Helmet camera video of dead militant fighter released by the Syrian government's military media purportedly shows militants from the Al-Qaeda-linked Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly Al-Nusra Front) engaged in chaotic fighting in the village of Minian.

The video shows militants firing upon each other before realizing they are comrades.

Later in the footage the fighter wearing the camera falls to the ground, apparently wounded. The APC the militants arrived in is then seen departing.

RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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These idiots have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

Author — Benjamin Wood


these guys fight like its a video game, no tactics, just running around frantically

Author — craig wentling


let's all stand around and argue during a nuts

Author — dude


"hey guys I think the enemy is holed up in these bombed out buildings with all kinds of crazy cover...let me just pull the APC right up to the front and let you out"

Author — Nihility Tube


"it's okay guys I'm hit, nobody rush over and pull me to cover"

Author — Ruben Garcia


And guess what, no virgins awaiting for you poor man, only the devil.

Author — George


Did they just drive off to leave him there for dead?

Author — Justin Harrison


They should have had someone spawn as a medic.

Author — x1860munich


This further proves you should not have children with you direct family.

Author — crazybrains777


some comrades left you while you was still alive



I bet John McCain right now cries while watching this footage

Author — John Connor


So he gets out of the BMP, sprays wildly at his enemy in the building, then proceeds to stand idly next to the door of the BMP without taking cover either behind the BMP or the wrecked car.

Author — Strange Person


Looks like the enemy is on that building. Let shoot there a few times and then just stand here and argue about your sister.

Author — S. R.


Lol I love how that tank just booked it and exposed all those guys.

Author — Peter Starzomczyk


When they saw him dying they were like : aight imma head out

Author — mark v1


N0obs Taking "Spray and Pray" to the next level hahaha. So much ammo wasted. No aiming whatsoever. No real coordination. Not following their combat leaders instruction. A 10yr old call of duty player could do better than this in real life.

Author — Solid Snake


Even when their squad leader was right next to them yelling and signaling they didn't stop shooting. They stay in the open way to long. They bunch up and linger around the back of their BMP and take forever to get their weapons and gear out of the damned thing. It's obvious these guys are just cannon fodder. Saudi Arabia takes it's "surplus" male population and exports them to sow chaos in other countries. If they get killed that solves the Saudi's main problem. Their complete inability (or unwillingness) to build a country that offers real life options for its young underclass.

Author — Dan Morgan


This guy made great target practice for the other side.

Author — J.B. Niday


Funny how they don't exchange reinforcements with the wounded and dead into that BMP-1.I guess if you are shot you are dead to them then

Author — Peoples Liberation Army


American neohawks have destroyed Syria, would be ridiculous if it werent so real

Author — Oliver Greene