Star Wars: The Force Awakens: An Unbridled Rage

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens: An Unbridled Rage 5

We have our third video in the series which means this is a full on thing now, woohoo.

I shall be working on making a Force Awakens series next and so, get your hype levels, efficiently raised, or something I dunno.

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"Can't wait to get more on that" **Rian Johnstons picture appears**

I laughed every time.

Author — Drew Riggan


And then Luke woke up in his Jedi academy after a weird dream.

Author — ThatFilmGuy


The force awakens: Lets have a shield around the ENTIRE planet.
Rise of sky walker: Lol nah, can't activate shields in atmosphere of a planet.
This is all fucked

Author — Thomas McBryde


And people judge the prequels for bad writing

Author — Devan Devan


"You ridiculously talented yet boring angelic creature" has gotta be the best definition of Rey that I've ever seen.

Author — IudexPhilippus


This sequel trilogy is a great example of boring, lazy fanfiction writing that's just copy/paste of the previous films.

Author — Mikron20


“She closes her eyes and psychically reminds the writers that she’s Ray.” Woke my wife up laughing at that one. So good! 😊

Author — Overbuilt Limited


"Your father, Han Solo, is your father?!"

Author — Leon Embers


"Torturing takes a minute or so". Lol. Disney took 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Author — Vinnie Provolone


We just gonna ignore the fact Poe killed Finn’s friend? I guess we did

Author — DArico man


All BB-8 'Ball' References...

1:54 Football
2:05 Basketball
2:14 Bowling Ball
2:30 Dodgeball
2:35 Sports Ball
2:51 Beach Ball
5:09 Volleyball
5:15 Cricket Ball
5:32 Lacrosse Ball
5:59 Net Ball
9:00 Soft Ball
13:05 Tennis Ball
23:15 Baseball
27:14 Hockey...Ball?
29:12 Juggling...Ball?
33:24 Jockey Ball

Author — The Wall Cometh


"We then see baby Tarkin and Kylo develop sexual tension over who is going to find the soccer ball." LMAO! I love your videos MauLer.
Disney Wars doesn't exist to me... this bullshit is not cannon. I'll stick to the original 6 movies and EU.

Author — William Veniot


Star Wars 7: The worse Ripoff, bigger is better!

Star Wars 8: You think you know Star Wars? Ha! Lol!

Star Wars 9: Oh damn... P-please forget about 8 I-I can fix this! Uhm... GIANT LIGHTNING!!! EVEN BIGGER IS EVEN BETTER!!! PLEASE STAY! IT'S GOOD!

Author — BluePhoenix_1999


I didn't even notice Leia walk right passed Chewie to go to Rey in that scene... WHAT THE HELL?!

Author — Master Shake


Star Wars - Episode 7: A GoOd StOrY fOr AnOHer TiMe
Star Wars - Episode 8: LOLz no, "Subversion"
Star Wars - Episode 9: On-Screen Diarrhea - A Retrospective

Author — Basic Shapes


rey: never flew a ship before
also rey: knows more about the millenium falcon then han solo

Author — shadow devil


As much as hate as the prequels get, compared to the sequels they have infinitely more heart and actually give a huge net gain on the star wars universe. The sequels just cause more confusion and upsets everything the original trilogy was about

Author — PanemundeJuo


"Can't wait to get more on that...""

Killed me every time.

Author — Joshua Benton


In _Rise Of The Skywalker, _ Rei should have answered the question of what her last name was with “Sue....Mary Sue.”

Author — Dr Bright


Literally the entire sequel trilogy:

"Because she's Rey."

Author — Kyberkreeper