Michael Cohen documents show Trump knew of efforts to hush-up affairs

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Michael Cohen documents show Trump knew of efforts to hush-up affairs 2.5
Newly released court documents in the Michael Cohen case show then-candidate Donald Trump knew of efforts to hush-up reports of his alleged affairs. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid and legal analyst Rikki Klieman join CBSN with the latest.

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"...Was Racist"

GOD! I love how this video starts! LOLOL!

Author — gigaman6


Epstein's coconspirators got immunity too. Justice isn't for all.

Author — andrea Perry


The first 2 seconds of this video though 😂 the salt mines

Author — J H


It doesn't matter. We the People, have gone crazy. Nothing will change anytime soon.

Author — Jeffrey C. Vogt


if you want to bring up old news
lets cover the covington kids lawsuit update

Author — Audilife


Reid: "For example on October 8th, these documents reveal a phone call between the President, Michael Cohen and Hope Hicks. And prosecutors believe this phone call was to discuss squashing reports of an alleged affair with former adult film star, Stormy Daniels."
Rivero: "Fascinating stuff Paula."

They made a phone call, and therefore it has to be about the affair, so CBSN has to proclaim it like gospel?? Wow. Really reaching there...

Author — buffalobillbuffalove


Good. Expose the system that was set up for few to succeed and all others to be left for dead. Protect yourself.

Author — Unwavering


Case is over, no one cares. The documents tell of a phone call, the rest is guesswork.

Author — Mike Abramow


Ummm hush money is not illegal.. look it up, it’s a voluntary agreement between two parties... You got nothing!! Again

Author — Byrd Fornino


Duh...Trump admitted giving him cash. He was hired as a fixer.
This is old news.

Author — H Pn


4 more years of Trump will be the greatest thing I could ever dream of! Keep looking like fools, MSM!

Author — Cal Schutte


HAHAHA you're still talking about this

Author — Mike


Enjoy the Show ANONS
We are gonna Love how this MOVIE

Author — Briareos Hino


That's barr. We will be looking further into this. It's not over.

Author — Valerie Texan


Russian bots are working overtime in this post.

Author — janschutz174


130K &150k ain't no pu🐈y that valuable.

Author — Maxx Barzz


So being blackmailed is an impeachable offense now.

Author — Merk Co.


CBS you're really trying to push a narrative.. I look forward to the day mainstream media is held accountable for their lies and deception...

Author — snuka_ 420


OMG! These documents show he had a phone call with his campaign manager and lawyer but say nothing about the contents of the conversation? That's a smoking gun if Ive ever seen one!

Author — N


Wasn't Cohen not lying all the time and everywhere?

Author — rob2508