The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

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The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van 5

Daniel Norris signed a bonus worth just over $2 million to join the
Blue Jays organization out of high school. While life on the road
becomes normal for any pro athlete, the 21-year-old takes things to
the next level by spending his summers living in a Volkswagen camper van. VICE Sports traveled down to Blue Jays Spring Training to meet one of the sport's top pitching prospects.

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A professional athlete that won't be broke 3 years after he retires.

Author — COO Bay


“Just cause money’s their doesnt mean that you gotta have nicer things than you used to have.” You dont hear that a lot these days

Author — L C


This guys got ot figured out. Saving money, no one to impress and living life on the road. I guarantee this guys quality of life is top tier.

Author — psychonaut ready for launch!


Would've been funny if at the end of the video he's just "nah im just playing" and pulls into a million dollar mansion.

Author — Ben


Cool story about a free thinking minimalist who happens to be a professional athlete.

Author — Jim Christiansen


Does his pull-ups at Walmart...Respect brother!

Author — HarryJVaughn3


That's awesome. You won't ever hear about him being broke years down the road. Good for him and may his journey lead him to great places and epic memories.

Author — Tim Rickenbach


Isolation is the key to self discovery

Author — James Tucker


This honestly isn’t that bad. Safe place to stay at the Blue Jays facility, comfy bed, warm weather, locker room to shower and do dishes in. I’m jealous

Author — David Warburton


*_"...You'll be living in a Van, down by the River!..."_*

Author — Dreaded88


I mean bro, much respect for living in the van but shit after that bonus you should at least fix the engine and deck it out

Author — Endless Ambition


"Ok son what are your demands before you sign?"

"Couple spare tires and some antifreeze should do."

Author — Lance Buttercream


Rich in wealth but rich with soul and positivity too

Author — Yo Yo


Coming into this I was expecting to wanna clown on this dude but honestly after watching it I respect tf outta this dude
Talking bout him driving past something and stopping to check it out is some shit I wanna start doing

Author — Showtime123


Smart guy. Wait until the market crashes and then buy a mansion.

Author — R S


A millionaire who doesn’t take his car to a mechanic

Author — Raider Richard


When I make my millions, I’ll be doing the same thing... but in a Mercedes sprinter ;)

Author — Josh Galarza


Imagine that Tinder date that thinks she just hit the jackpot, waiting to see the exotic car and mansion only to discover "the van". lol

Author — The GovNer


his father must beam with pride. What an outstanding young man. Wow.

Author — Count DuBlevay


He seems like he’s actually happy with his life.

Author — Kyree