Tom Brady Responds to the 'Madden Curse' | NFL

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Tom Brady took to Facebook to let everyone know how he feels about the "Madden Curse"

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*Proceeds to lose the Superbowl to a backup QB*

Author — Hurley


Brady lost the Super Bowl and injured his hands. I'd say the curse hit him strong.

Author — DrSylvestreMatuschka


Who else went back to this video after SBLII

Author — David Sikorski


Well it's was nice while it lasted Tom Brady. You'll be missed.

TOM BRADY RIP (1977 - 2017)

Author — Purorawmirez


I didn't believe in the curse either but you know what happened to gronk...??

Author — Tom Brady GOAT


Madden curse strikes again!!!! You lost the super bowl

Author — AllenJD4Life Productions


The most ironic thing would be if the patriots do amazing this year, make it to the superbowl, then brady gets hurt and they lose. lmao

Author — Barricade2091


Later in Super Bowl 52 “AND THE EAGLES BEAT THE PATRIOTS!!”, “What a sad loss for Tom Brady”

Author — C-BASS


He really didn’t get cursed. He had a great year, this man went to the super bowl but lost. Really not a madden curse

Author — HBK Bunny


As a Pats fan and even more a Tom Brady fan my heart started pounding when he cracked that mirror

Author — Donald Wilson


Welp he’s right all good leading the nfl in passing yards 13-3 patriots age 40 breaking records

Author — David Zamorano


I love how he's cursed for losing the SB. 🤣😭 That's probably the BEST curse. To make it to the SB! Even if you don't win it. Sign me up for that curse!

Author — Bi-Polar Bear


Tom Brady is totally screwed he just made it even worse by getting bad luck from the mirror and the ladder

Author — Sub Zero


He's allready accomplished soo much in his career that even if he gets effected by the curse it wont make a big differnce

Author — Phantom Sky


Since this video, Tom Brady has made it to two Super Bowls & won one of them, making his ring count at 6.

Author — Roy Smith IV


I'm a Cowboys fan, but I love Tom Brady. This dude is such a boss

Author — All up in the videos....


To those detractors, I bet you said he couldn't come back from being 25 points down, too! The only curse Tom Brady will have is if they don't have protection on the offensive line! He is the GOAT! 5 Rings!!

Author — Theresa Siconolfi


Playing with fire Brady! Watch now when he doesn't even make it to the playoffs for the remainder of his career...

Author — Karl Tanner


"There's no such things are curses"

Madden Curse: hold my football

Author — Zboy 115


let's all have a round of applause for the man who just challenged the Madden curse. 🙌🙏 lol can't wait to see the outcome of this

Author — aaron freeland