The 2018 Midterm Elections Special | VICE News Tonight (HBO)

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The 2018 Midterm Elections Special | VICE News Tonight (HBO) 4.5

We followed voters across the country for a special report on Election Day for Midterms 2018.

From healthcare to the border to teachers running, this is election coverage that's not about the numbers.

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Poor old man is gonna BE very angry because the wall is a marketing tool and nothing more.

Author — mmmallory33


If Jim Chilton wants a wall on his property he should build one.

Author — John - B


People are more liberal than they recognize. Red states voted for propositions all around the country that the people they voted for for congress, on the same ballot, would NEVER vote for or argue for. We are not a center/right country as pundits love to say. Liberal policies have majority support just about everywhere. You name the issue and look at pew survey, gallup polls, etc. Too bad the debate gets washed away and cable news is garbage

Author — hockeyfan131993


I'd like to know why that old man is not angry that Donald Trump lied when he said that Mexico will pay for it.

Author — Reni L


lol at that old rancher telling a journalist he doesn't watch the news.. wow.

Author — Rob C


What they don't understand is, they cannot afford that wall if they keep tax cutting for the rich.

Author — noir


Flag @8:35 only has 48 stars. Seems like Tulsa is in desperate need of funding to update materials

Author — Dave Martinez


i wish they can revisit the ranch guy after the election lol

Author — Blr


Look I'm a Democrat. If the Republicans want a wall, I'm ok with it as long as Mexico pays for it. Just like Donald Trump told the world.

Author — Czr S


"The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

Author — Ryan Schildgen


@3:46 all the drugs your grand children are buying. Supply and demand.

Author — Harvard Villegas


“I am sure”

That doesn’t confirm the need.
You think you need a wall? Visit the Berlin Wall and have a say.

Author — Napoleon I Bonaparte


John Waldron (Oklahoma teacher) won in Oklahoma's 77th District ❤️

Author — Andrew Hong


"they will learn and they will learn it from teachers" powerful quote

Author — ZWar101


Is there a reason you choose not to show the results of the election for the stories that you followed for the special?

Author — ryefry


To the Rancher mad about the drug Cartels: LEGALIZE, TAX and REGULATE the recreational drug market for the less harmful substances, especially Cannabis and watch those cartels implode as that drug policy sends a ripple effect through Latin American countries.

Author — Proper Gander


9:53 "Frodo had to leave the shire, to save the shire"
Im laughing so hard... but that's genius

Author — Knowledge Is Key


Glad that Teacher John Waldron won the house seat :) Love his passion

Author — jayceevans


8:55 That teacher sounds exactly like Duncan Trussel.

Author — Lord McLoudmouth


19:26 Democrats took the House. No wall for you! Better start getting angry 😂

Author — erzan