Marey Heater - Gas Tankless Water Heater

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Presentation of Marey Gas Tankless Water Heaters.

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I actually have one of these for about 8 years now and haven't had any problems, but nobody seems to have heard of this company though

Author — fullermrff


Jimbo A I agree. I have had mine for 7 years. I live in a colder Canadian climate. My water source is a lake. I have had no issues with it at all. Just love it. I am buying another one for a different house too.

Author — Helena bythelake


Follow-up: We received the call from Marey representative. Product is under warranty and the part is on its way. THANK YOU!!!

Please address with your reseller channels - to make sure buyers are notified they have 30 days to register with warranty or are automatically entered into warranty.

Video review of the product will be posted soon. Overall - no complaints except for the leak, which your company honored to replace under warranty.

Author — Eco Friendly Shelters


Buenos días, una pregunta. Mi calentador se apaga repentinamente cuando se está usando. Y vuelve a encender después de cierto tiempo que sigue saliendo agua. Que debo hacerle para que se mantenga encendido hasta que se cierren las válvulas de la regadera?

Author — Encarnacion Villegas


Works good for 2 years then the igniters start messing up and it doesn't ignite right away and you get a mini explosion that scares the shit out of you, then you adjust the igniters and it works again

Author — Lou Cifer


Just bought the 10NG for my 1400 sq ft house...hope it saves us some $$$!

Author — Firemedic712


Marey 3.1 GPM Tankless Natural Gas how does it vent ? Does it vent like a old style tank heater ???

Author — webbloggold


biggest problem with these is that they don't automatically control the temp of the water leaving the unit. i had mine set for 120 degrees going to my shower. but when i turned on the sink faucet only which had a lot less flow the water would get over 160 degrees. in fact it got the pex tubing hot enough that it burst. then the heat exchanger stared to leak in one of the solder joints. they replaced the exchanger but not for free. after 4 years i finally replaced it with another brand made in japan not china and threw the marey in the dumpster

Author — knechvatal


I need one for an outdoor shower. The water source is a well cold water. will the small one work for my setup?



Can we vent the flue with pvc elbo? the flue is a odd size 4 1/4 . I noticed that some other s use pvc?

Author — NewOrleansGiftStore


Trying to find info on how to vent a NG Marey tankless heater. Any help???

Author — Bobby Clemente


The water is either scorching hot or cold. As soon as you turned on any cold water to cool down the temperature, the water heater would kick off. We tried everything to adjust the water temperature, none of their controls did a thing. It worked better if we run hot water in the sink "down the drain", as we take a shower, but I don't like wasting water this way.
Don't F around with trying to adjust it. Return it if you can.

Author — Nikolai Slobodian


I would like purchase 16 L Marey Gas tankless water heater.pease provided Dubai your can purchase this item.please give reply soon.thanks-Aftab khan

Author — Aftab Khan


My Brand New Water Heater is Too Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Help

Author — Bernadette Keane


Fraudsters. They sent me the wrong unit and refused to replace it. It was a 110v unit and the instructions clearly say 220v. I installed 220v and the unit does not work. They are the type of complany you press 1 for spansish and 2 for english. Avoid doing business with this company. I'm in the process of filing a complaint with them.

Author — Neal Vanderstelt


This guy must just be a spokesperson/actor because I seen another video for a completely different company/products (search utube 4 Hydro Innovations) & this guy is their video host also. I'm pretty positive its the same guy or his twin brother.

Author — John Smith


We have one of these, a few days ago it started a fire, from the electrical side, good thing propane was turned off. I had phoned their customer service that day 3 times to get someone to give me input as to why it wasn't putting out any hot water, Well there was no one there to answer a customer service call.??!! Then when turning the warm water knob on again, no warm/hot water. called them again and as I am calling the fire started. We were lucky that we were nearby, had water nearby and were able to put the fire out. If we weren't home at this time, we'd be homeless and our pets would be dead too. Marey international is not responding other than telling me via email how sorry they are for our troubles, Well what are you going to do, when??? We are still under warranty. out of hot water, we have to heat water for a bath in pots, ditto for doing dishes... etc. Thus, I'd say this water heater is not safe nor worth the money.Anyone reading this beware

Author — M John


god help you if you need a part. been stuck trying to find a 2 dollar part on a new

Author — Paul Oberman


I purchase one. It worked 3 months and quit working. Marey REFUSED to honor their 5 year warranty. Would never purchase another one.

Author — vineyardseashell


Yep bought the small portable unit and it's crap, cheap Chinese bs stay away!

Author — MurdochsTune