Smriti Irani's Test (Part 2)

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Smriti Irani's Test (Part 2) 4

Smriti Irani addressing the students in Delhi University on the challenges faced in the current Indian education system and on e year in power. The Human Resource Development Minister answers to questions asked from the chancellor's, professors and students. Take a look.

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Ashok Singhal & Anjana Kashyap sapne mein kabhi Interview nahin lengey Smriti Irani ka.

Author — Saffron Maverick


आजतक वालो तुम्हारे तो और बुरे दिन आयेगे।

Author — Arvind Soni


Ashok Singhal...only media can't attack under the veil :) ... choose your words carefully because not all people are dumb like Rahul Gandhi... hahahahaha !!

Author — Subodh Kumar


Is this not "Acche Din"?. The head of the Ministry is in direct conversation with the students?? Wow.. Im proud of my country.

Author — Mr bagang


Ye smriti madam ki test ye aaj tak ne kud apana  test liya aur fail
 hua.... :)



Hello Anjana (ji) do you realize that you could have done your homework better when coming to face a person at the stature of Mrs. Smriti Irani ?? Your arrogance alone could not have carried you, realized it in the hard way, NO??

Author — Balakrishnan K. Nair


The confidence and clarity of her words show the clarity in her thoughts.. A very intelligent lady. These anchors are the scumbags though..

Author — Gaurav Gupta


मिडिया स्तम्भ
बल्कि गली के नुक्कड़ पर खड़ा वो खम्बा बन कर रह गया है हमारे देश में....
जिसपर गली के आवारा कुत्ते टांग उठाकर सुसु करके अपना ईलाक़ा अपडेट करते
इन खम्बो कुत्तों का एकछत्र राज
कई विदेशी भारतविरोधियों की जद में आते
और कुछ पर देश के गद्दारों का कब्ज़ा
अब मेरा कहना अपने विश्वप्रसिद्ध प्रधानमन्त्री मोदी जी से ये है....
कि हे चक्रवर्ती सम्राट नरेंद्र दामोदर मोदी...
आप अपने विकास के नारे को पूर्ण करें
और सबसे पहले ये खम्बे
जिससे देशप्रेम और राष्ट्रभक्ति के करन्ट की आपूर्ति देश की जनता को निर्बाध रूप से मिल
हमे बाज़ारू मिडिया नही
जिनके आदर्श सनी लीओन की बिकिनी जैसे
जिनकी खबरों का सच राखी सावंत की तरह
जिनकी राष्ट्रहित के प्रति ज़िम्मेदारी फ़िल्म में पूनम पांडे के रोल जितनी नगण्य....
और जिनकी निष्ठा सल्लू की गर्लफ्रेंड्ज़ की तरह मतलबपरस्त हो..
हमारे देश के लिए अपनी भारतीय मिडिया चाहिए....
विदेशियों के हाथो में उछलकूद मचाने वाले बन्दर खिलौना नही .

Author — Nitin Shah


Ghatiya Anchors dono Anjana and Singhal.. Dhoo aise bike huey anchors par.

Author — Ashwani Bansal


never seen such charisma in any one . i am proud to have such minister in cabinet
amazing reply to presstitude

Author — Akash


Those who ask the qualification and eligibility of smiri Irani, Can they ever ask the qualification of Madam Sonia as she is not even pass high school and run the country for the last 10 years and give only corruptions, inflation, unemployment, poverty.Those who have voted for Bjp they keep patience for 5 years and see the Mother India as one of the most developed country of the world...

Author — Subrat Pradhan


God bless Smritiji!  She got up to save Ashok Singhal, even though he asked her the most indecent and inappropriate question, shows what a class act she is. 

Disgraceful behavior from both the students and faculty who became so unruly and started swarming the stage, that security had to be called in.  

Aaj tak programs start off with great promise, and always end up as a circus.  The premise was very nice, that the minister had made herself available to answer substantive questions, but instead had to deal with the same questions that have been raised and answered time and again. 

Aaj tak should use more senior and seasoned reporters when UNION Ministers are to be in the program, rather than some misinformed newbies, who don't know how to conduct themselves.

Author — Ravi Ranga


मीडिया पुरुषवादी सोच से ग्रसित है, ,, एक महिला की सफलता पच नहीं रही

Author — g n


Dear DR Smrithi Irani!

You have decimated the media in this interview. You are the pride of India. We all love you Smrithi ji! You are not a PhD but the kind of maturity, logic, scientific approach, transparency, repeatability, clarity and  authenticity you demonstrated  in your answers makes you worthy of the title DR. For me you always will be one. India is safe in the hands of BJP

We salute you madam


Author — DrPRS89


Well done Smriti Irani. You give awesome answers for these journalist. We hope to see better educational system in India ahead with efforts of HRD minister like you AND UNLIKE BEFORE ONE.

Author — Ritu Agrawal


मैंने भी ये पूरा विडिओ देखा। ऐसा लग रहा था स्मृति ईरानीजी एंकर हों और अंजना ओम् कश्यप उनकी नौकरानी...
Presstitutes की ऐसी धुलाई कभी-कभार ही देखने मिलती है... मान गए Smriti Zubin Irani जी आपको... अब अगले चार वर्ष आज तक की घिग्घी बँधी रहनी चाहिए... आपसे इंटरव्यू करने से पहले बीस बार सोचना पड़े इस "क्रान्तिकारी" चैनल को. बहुत "क्रन्तिकारी" है।

Author — Rajesh Jain


After watching such an interview...we can feel that India is really changing....Hats off to Smriti Irani for wonderfully answering each and every questions and handling the wrong and irrelevant questions asked by media...

Author — Suyash Yadav


‪#‎Presstitutemedia के द्वारा जिस तरह साल पूरा होने पे मोदी सरकार का हिसाब लिया जा रहा है, अगर Congress के समय से किया गया होता तो आज हम अमेरिका जापान से भी आगे खड़े दिखाई देते !!

Author — Nitin Shah


Jaise Shane Warne ko Schain Tendulker ke sapne aate the. Waise Ashok Singhal & Anjana Kashyap ko Smriti Irani ke aa rahe honge.

Author — Arun Gautam


Smriti Irani was fantastic. No words. First tym saw media to be razed on live television on its own program.
Modi selected ri8 ppl.
keep it up.

God bless India
Jai Hind

Author — Sayan Moitra