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New episodes released every Friday through December 22, 2017

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0:07 Chief curator emerita Deborah Wye and curatorial assistant Sewon Kang use an empty frame to assess the light quality in the Marron Atrium ahead of the opening of "Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait."

1:13 Sculpture conservators climb up an exterior ladder to clean Rachel Whiteread's "Water Tower" (1998).

1:27 Debbie and Sewon consider which Bourgeois spider to display in the Marron Atrium with exhibition designer Matthew Cox. Which spider do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

3:11 The title wall for "Max Ernst: Beyond Painting" is applied using silkscreening and vinyl blow-up techniques.

3:50 Art handlers hang Max Ernst's "The Blind Swimmer" (1934).

4:18 While Louise Bourgeois' "Spider (Cell)" (1997) is installed in the Marron Atrium, Bourgeois' former assistant, Jerry Gorovoy, advises on the installation with Debbie, Sewon, and Matthew.

5:48 Curators Anne Umland and Starr Figura assess progress on the Max Ernst installation a few hours before it is scheduled to open to the public.

6:29 Anne and Starr invite a colleague to take a closer look at a painting from Ernst's "Microbe" painting, titled "Adam and Eve Expelled from the Garden of Eden" (1946-47). Can you spot Adam and Eve? Let us know in the comments below!

7:35 Sewon gives a tour of "Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait" to a group of MoMA educators several days before the exhibition opens to the public.

9:28 A team of art handlers and registrars put the finishing touches on the exhibition "Max Ernst: Beyond Painting."

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Hah!! I've ALWAYS wondered how you get names on the wall so perfectly at exhibitions. It's a freakin silk screen print!!! Who knew?!

Author — Tommy Ohlrich


These are extremely interesting, thanks for the nice insight.

Author — Hugo Hopmans


I love this series! I would love to work at the MoMA, it's becoming a dream of mine.

Author — Elijah Washington


I hope teachers are sharing some of these with their students. It would help them appreciate what goes into the making and staging of a museum. They could follow it up with the students creating four walls and putting items, (photos, memorabilia) showcasing their families. When I was teaching, in California and visiting the Getty Villa, I showed how mosaics, frescoes and sculptures were made. The students had a great appreciation when they visited. I loved seeing them point out to one another what they learned. Museums are wonderful, magical places. Thank you to everyone involved.

Author — Linda Irizarry


I almost felt like part of rhe Crew ....Thank you

Author — Joseph Charles Colin - Time Priced Art


thanks for sharing this video, how to be part of the beautiful museum even if I am from ROMA it., it makes me feel at MOMA

Author — attilio vaccari


In the miniature work of Ernst's "Microbe" titled "Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden" shows no figures in it because...well...they've been expelled already 🤔✌️😉😁🤗; so I think that's the punchline....very clever 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Author — Dune-Micheli Patten


How, guys i could miss your brilliant channel before.... definitely going to spend this winter with your channel! Thx a lot for great content

Author — My Mythology


I love these. I never knew how they painted those names on the walls. Screen printing?

Why was that one guy not wearing gloves?

Author — BRIANS#9470


I cry watching these. All of these peoples must love going to work every single day, including the people that help with the mounting, installation, lighting, restoration, or cleaning!
What a phenomenal place. What phenomenally creative and precise people that work there!
It’s always been on my bucket list to save up and travel to specifically visit the MOMA.
It would require many days to truly enjoy all of the exhibitions and I will, one day, spend an entire week in NY just for this!
Florida has nothing comparable to the incredible Met.
Thank you to them for providing these interesting and beautiful videos.

Author — HerculeseFurball


What Mitchell & Webb would do with this incredible material?

Author — Rohan Wijeyesinghe


This reminds me of "The Office", but the MoMA version. I would totally watch that show.

Author — KamikazeYazzie


MoMA please film my life in wide angle like this

Author — Will Raney