Scruffy Jeremy Corbyn winds up Tories in 1984 - BBC Newsnight

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Scruffy Jeremy Corbyn winds up Tories in 1984 - BBC Newsnight 5

A preview to tonight's playout - one from the vaults - Jeremy Corbyn, newly elected MP for Islington North, gets some grief for his dress sense, and hands some out too. We're a bit puzzled why the BBC reporter calls him Robin though.

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He looks like a Geography teacher who had great banter and put on films for the class on the last week of term

Author — Joel WW


Jeremy's Mum did a fantastic job on that jumper.

Author — WICKERS


i'd rather trust a person wearing a jumper made by his mother than anyone in an expensive suit.

Author — Redline


Calling him scruffy in the title. Not bias at all.

Author — RandallWindle Official


This isn’t scruffy this is classy. A man wearing a jumper knitted by his mother and is more bothered about running the country rather than wearing fancy clothes and going to parties

Author — Mz K


I don't necessarily agree with him, but this is real class.

Author — Aarush Gupta


Funny isn’t it? ... when you can be judged by what you wear as opposed to what you stand for and how hard you work.

Author — Titus Monk


Not one comment about them calling him 'Robin'

Author — George T Ware


0:08 That's a funny way to pronounce Jeremy.

Author — MrOnionCock


When the expenses scandal hit the headlines it transpired that Jeremy Corbyn claimed practically nothing. JC4PM

Author — Mike Richardson


Wow that's considered scruffy? What a pathetic country we have become.

Author — Boogiewoogie


just dye his hair white, and you have Jeremy Corbyn 2019

Author — Cepha


This more than anything, shows that he has been a man of the people ever since he first became an MP. He hasn't changed one bit.

Author — grimSleeper59


I don't see anything wrong with his dress sense.

Author — Aniwazoa


Jeremy sounds like jay foreman in this video

Author — George Wallace


"Large Tory MPs with even larger stomachs" Legend 😁

Author — DVDfeverGames


I like how you call him scruffy, can't you see he is scruffy because he cares not to meet conservatives' pretentious formalities pmsl

Author — Wonky Gustav


He's not "scruffy" he looks normal and like any other random person. They're just calling him "scruffy" because he doesn't look like a posh MP.

Author — DorisTheDove


Oh, (Where's) Jeremy Corbyn?

Not in No. 10

Author — Ethan P


I wish I had been that proud as a child I would of saved my mum a fortune wasted on junk.

Author — Skunky Monk