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EVEREST - The mountain that changed my life | Documentary Summit 2019 | 5

A documentary based on the Youngest mountaineer of Kashmir to reach EVEREST. How he had to abandon his dream when he was just few hundred meters away from conquering it SUMMIT 2019

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Author — Imad Clicks


Ever think who are the one who fixed those ladders?
Hatts of to them
Take a bow

Author — Green House Effect


Do not enter the Everest with an Ego or you won’t return. This man did not have a drop of ego in him.

Author — Farishta Hakim


Respect to this man. He didn´t let his EGO decide for him like so many others that end up dying a terrible death. The mountain will still be there for another shot.

Author — exionem


I would have never imagined that you're only 18 years old! You seem to have a lot of wisdom and maturity. I hope to see the video of you reaching the summit in the future :D . Everything happens in its timing. God bless and protect you!

Author — Carmelancholydoll


I've climbed the Everest in my lucid dreams and even if it is a dream, it is still extremly scary.

Author — Stratan T.


I love the "Bismillah" on 3:49 MashAllah 😀

Author — Nema imena


I would've never guessed you were 18. You appear much more mature. Especially the way you talk.

Author — . y .


Unpopular opinion: I do not have any sort of sympathy with this kid! Going to Everest, not having enough Alpine experience (to even cross the famous Khumbu ladders without fear) is the worst decision you've ever made. Gassing up a natural decision to turn back and save your life is simply overhyped!
PS: such silly people are exactly the ones, who bring other experienced climbers in danger and cause that horrible traffic. Such a shame that the expedition companies don't stop them at first place.

Author — Der.Prinz.Eisenherz


While everyone post their success stories glad to see the one who has made such an honest and true video so beautifully. And yes mountains will be waiting for u. Lots of love from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵

Author — Bina Chaulagain


Since I was 5 I wanted to climb Mt. Everest. I lived in Texas so the ground was pretty flat. This is going to sound very unreal and cringe but my heart felt like there was a piece missing. I moved to Colorado where there were some mountains. When I saw them, I just broke down and cried. It was like a reunion with someone that meant so much to me. I decided to start training. I would do hikes, gym time, anything to get me physically fit. Then I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. Scoliosis is when your spine is curved. It is something people are born with but it is very rare. I had to wear a back brace for 3 years. It was painful. The goal was to hold me in place when I grew so my spine would stop twisting. I wore it 18 hours a day for those 3 years. It didn’t work. I took an MRI and my spine had twisted to 50 degrees. I went into Spinal Fusion surgery. I needed bone grafting and I got 2 rods and 24 screws placed in my back. I was left with a 2 foot scar. After 4 months of recovery, I realized I lost a lot of mobility and all of my progress for getting strong was gone. My lungs had been repositioned, my whole body was moved a different way. I didn’t know how to walk. This was a huge setback but it also made me mentally and emotionally strong. I gained my strength back. I am 13 years old now and am training harder than I ever have been before. My family and I are traveling the world so my dad and I can climb big mountains in the various locations. My dad will climb Mt. Everest with me. When I’m 21 it will become a reality. We are traveling to Alaska to practice climbing on ice and moving ice. We are also doing a training to fight altitude sickness. Everyday I practice breathing out of a stir straw. (That is what it’s like breathing on everest)

EDIT: sorry for the freakin novel

EDIT 2: thx for all the likes😍

Author — Carmen


Am I missing something or did this guy have ZERO alpine experience, let alone 8, 000 meter experience? He wakes up and his water bottle is frozen and he's shocked! If your dream is to climb Mt. Everest, spend at least 5 years getting significant experience above 6, 000 m, maybe at least one 8, 000 m. "My dream was always to be a surgeon. I skipped medical school and here I am operating on my first patient." Probably not going to go too well.

Author — Jersey Girl


Bro don’t get me wrong but you look like a kid with a lot of money who bought all this climbing adventure.

Author — kor4y


So basically he is saying that first time ever he stepped on a ladder was on that ice fall place?!? Whoa...indeed you just pay money and they get you to everest without any experience

Author — Ms Pak


Good job being smart enough to go down.
If you would have continued climbing you would probably now be among the frozen bodies of Everest for eternity.
I'm glad you're alive man.

Author — Truth Troll


Successful climb is going home alive. Great decision.

Author — Gary Banaga


I'm 9 and when i get older i want to be like you 😆

Author — nathan anggara


Kudus to those tied those roped up on the mountain they will be known as legends🙌

Author — Umasankar Behera


"The mountains are always up there but your life really matters a lot"
Well said keep it up never give up you did well as you do yourself you are a great man it's tough to climb up mount everest ..
From nepal glad to see it . well man keep going one day you will did it definetly god bless you never give up god save you and keep blessing you tried your best but if you do in the first change then it would be better for all .

Author — Bishow Neupane


Rizza, an amazing documentary of your Everest climb. I am quite sure I am with millions who greatly admire your courage, honesty and wisdom. Thank you, too, for mentioning the danger of crowds heading for the summit -- utter madness that will be responsible for untold loss of life if the crowding is allowed to continue. Best to you.

Author — Norma Mimosa