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For 2022, we continued Hoyt’s legacy to push innovation, and the results are truly impressive. Our premier flagship REDWRX Carbon RX-7 got a complete redesign with major upgrades, including a 24% reduction in sound — a monumental leap in terms of archery performance where the smallest fractions can mean the difference between blood trails and tag soup. In addition to stealth, the Carbon RX-7 got a more streamlined IN-LINE™ Accessory System, an even smoother new HBX Pro™ Cam System, a new Vital Point™ grip, and a significant weight reduction.

Our premier aluminum bow, the Ventum Pro, takes the wildly successful smooth shot performance of the Ventum and adds some serious advancements including new HBX Pro™ Cams, new Shock Pod™ locations, a new Vital Point™ grip, and a Picatinny rail machined directly into the riser – all while trimming down on weight.

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They definitely continued their tradition of pushing innovation and price.

Author — Frank Cartwright


Love them! Soon I will have to buy a new bow... going certainly for a Hoyt! Cheers from Italy!

Author — jacopo fasolo


Kudos to the left hand shooter feedback I am also a left hand shooter been one for 53 years buying a left hand bow is extremely difficult and frustrating

Author — Martin Addison


I started shooting a bow in 1995 and I’ve never shot anything but Hoyt. Never even thought about shooting anything else but it’s getting where I can’t afford them anymore.

Author — Chris B


The new RX Twin Turbo looks to have the old riser design. Looks like it had the old 3 tube design and only 8fps faster than base model. Am I missing something here?

Author — Willard Flowers


Definitely buying on in a few days when they get to the shop

Author — Matthew 28


I might be looking at getting a new Hoyt

Author — Bruce hillbilly Barthalow


I ordered the Rx7 Bon Collect, but I can't wait to see it.

Author — 정아[JEONGAH]


Please keep your left handed customers in mind this year. My local dealer recieved ONE left handed ventum and NO left handed RX5 bows last year.

Author — TronimusPrime


Get your prices down HOYT! Yes you guys make fantastic bows, I would never buy one due to the price. It keeps getting higher and higher and higher! Ridiculous prices!

Author — Torey Young


Have we already reached peak bow two or three years ago? No real new design changes from any manufacturer other than small tweaks. I do like the ideas behind the new carbon Riser, but PSE had that two years ago. Removing .01 ounces here and there, slightly upgraded sight and stabilizer mounts... Reach for the stars: Goal: make a 90 lb bow draw like a 60 lb bow. Make a 70 lb bow shoot like a crossbow... Idk dream big boys and girls! Maybe those dreams will come true.

Author — Apex Predator Outdoors


Really nice bows but I can't afford a 2k bow...alot of people can't.

Author — Bipolar Bear


Thanks God the buckskin colour is available. One day I will own one

Author — Marcus Pierantozzi


It is said it has been developed over 3 years on the Hoyt website.
Were you really working on it while working in the RX3-5 ? Or do you mean the work on the new RX in line platform started 3y ago ?

Author — ArthA122


Do we have to wait 5 months for delivery in germany again?
After half a season its 2022 and you have an old model again.

Author — NutzerAZ09


What’s up with the kickstand off the stubby stabilizer??

Author — Hunter Hayes


If you give me an Rx-7, I promise I'll use it in all my archery films ;)

Author — Johnson’s Outdoor Adventures


Looks nice, but let me just sell a kidney quick...

Author — Lane Ulmer


Heck yea. 2021.1 bows across the board. 🙄

Author — goarmy897


I can't find a reason to get rid of my spyder 30

Author — Mossy horn Hunter