Diagnosis: Love Sickness (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】病名恋ワズライ

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Diagnosis: Love Sickness (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】病名恋ワズライ 5

Love is harder alone

Yep this is prequel to Confession Rehearsal and is part of the Honeyworks: Confession Executive Committee Love Series! Also has an anime adaption series if you look up Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita.

So I’m somewhat alive still but tired as heck. I’m glad I was finally able to deliver on my Patreon promise though since they voted for me to sing a Honeyworks song a million years ago. For some reason, things just come one thing after another this year as if I was in a cartoon and said “at least it can’t get any worse” and then it starts raining. Except the raining turned into a hurricane and it was real life. But I’m glad I still am alive and have my dog so I guess that’s all that matters. It’s also been awhile since I’ve done Honeyworks lyrics which are always fun because I can kinda mess around with it. It’s not the most literal set of translyrics so just keep that in mind. Also I did my best last night to translate some of the speech bubbles in the PV but I’m definitely not a translator and thankfully got some help from rachie when I couldn’t read the kanji for snot. Lots of fun was had haha.

Time to go eat an actual meal!

✦ Music/Lyrics: Shito & Gom
✦ Bass: Shito
✦ Guitar: Kaizoku Ou
✦Piano: Pasta
✦ Illustration: Yamako
✦ PV: Ziro
✦ Original: /watch?v=mwBGD2WT70I

✦ Vocals/Lyrics/Mix: Juby
✦ Translation Reference: DescentSubs

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“Fall in love today!” books I read all say
But you and me aren’t really like a thing, so I’ll read all a million ways
Winter everywhere, feeling a change in the air
So blame the season because it’s reason that I long to be over there

Feeling the way I do, it really isn’t fair
Then I think about the starry night alive and bright
And yet I still would never dare, LOVE YOU? NO!
Never gonna say it, no you’re ALL WRONG, ALL WRONG

Why not give a hand already? See? You would agree
Loving you is harder alone, we’d make a great team
Why not give hand already? Beat my beating heart
You’re the only person to blame, start doing your part

Chasing you around, gone up and down with you pretty soon
Being even more than a friend, ending with “I do”
What if you’re in love with me, but I really didn’t see?
Shouldn’t be so hard to figure I’m the only one you need

Love sick is a real disease

Planned on making you mine, failing every time that I try
All the things that I do to cling
Are getting old, I’m sure you agree
Autumn skies in a whirl, changing like a heart of a girl
Live today without regret or pain,
Learning from all the errors you made

Hearing how they compliment and praise you all the time
Can’t help but feel a little pride somewhere inside
But if it’s from other girls...
Well, sure, then anyone would be a little worried then, as I said

Why not give a hand? I thought that love would be really sweet
Loving you is bitter alone, so bad I can’t drink
Why not give hand? You really beat up my beating heart
Nothing ever stopping the pain, so why don’t I start

“Love you” is all I wanna steal out of your mouth

Being even more than a friend is all I want now
Wouldn’t it be funny if you fell for me? Suddenly?
Why not try imagining stuff? Just seeing where it leads…

Love sick is a real disease

Crushing on a person I heard is really fun but never
Knew of all the tears and all the pain you feel inside
I never knew a thing
But the moment I knew what I felt was love
Yeah, I was honestly happy then

Why not give a hand already? See? You would agree
Loving you is harder alone, we’d make a great team
Why not give hand already? Race my heart a lot
Never being special to you...I don’t want!

Chasing you around, gone up and down with you pretty soon
Being even more than a friend, ending with “I do”
What if you’re in love with me, but I thought I couldn’t be
I can be the girl of your dreams, just wait and see!

Love sick is a real disease

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1:48 omg is that sweatpants with a skirt? That is the best thing I have ever seen before.

Author — UsaOfThechan


"Crushing on a person I heard is really fun, but never knew of all the tears and all the pain you feel inside" feels, very feels, but totally worth it

Author — Metia


I know some people say Honeyworks clips are just small silly high school romance stories, I understand that there are plenty of other more realistic romance stories, but it may be the reason why they are so special. Simplicity and innocence is what define they. We all know this form of pure love doesn't exist or if it does, we very rarely will get to experiment them. Despite these reasons, the Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai always inspires me when I'm feeling dead inside, be it studying Japanese, get my school stuff done and becoming a better person. It makes me very happy for a brief moment.

I know this may seem like too much from just a simply song and a short story. But they are still very precious to me. Thanks and good job for the cover. And keep up the Haniwa songs coming :)

Author — GoingS 231313


Me - well its almost 5 am i better go to slee-
*juby uploads a new cover*
Me - well there goes my sleep

Author — Vallhalla Trash


omg these lyrics are so cuteeee. That "'more than a friend, ending in *I do* omgg

Author — Amy Ouyang


Holy shizz, Juby this cover is freakin amazing. You're voice is so beautiful and this song is fantastic

Author — Azriel Animations


Help! I've been diagnosed with this same disease! It's not towards a person though, it's towards these videos!

Author — TheUltimateBitch


So the cover is blocked on mobile for me, but on comp, I can see it just fine...

Either way, love this song, love this cover! Been waiting to hear it from ya'~!

Author — Akane Sasu Sora


1:20 *NO*

Author — Daniel S


Anyone else still waiting for the rest of the kagerou project no? Ok.... *sits alone in corner crying waiting*



AHH it's been a couple years but Juby pulls through with the English Yaaassss

Author — Amy Ouyang


3:11 my single Pringle heart can't take this.



Was doing my homework. Now I'm not. Whoohoo

Author — Hoa Vo


Omg this explains hiw i like my crush

edit:holy frick so many likes.

Author — Ana Caves


It said a moment ago it wasn't available in my country did that happen to anyone else....!??!?!? *Btw great video! Aghhhh my single Pringle heart can't take this!!!*



I love songs like this one and "Love Trial!" Great to see more of your music!

Author — Dritto


To quote another person.
There is a legend that juby does not give a shit if you are first or not.

Author — James Phillips


5th Like(aaaand, notification squad😉)!!! Also, JUBY WHY DO U ALWAYS UPLOAD WHEN I GOTTA WAKE UP EARLY IN THE MORNING?!!!😭😭😭😭 *I'M HERE THOUGH* !!!! Clicked on this so fast. I love this song so much and i'm so happy that u made a cover for it❤️❤️❤️💯💯☺️☺️☺️Listening to it as i type this and it's wonderful! You sing so well❤️Pls keep up the great work Juby☺️☺️💯❤️!!!

Author — Yoruichi Shihouin


I love you so much thank you for making my day so much better!!

Author — Chip


Only early notification squad phone users will understand what we mean by it being blocked In our country